Question on supp combination

I know many have tried these individually with different results but has anyone tried these as a combo.

Someone I know is having good and lasting results


All have pro gut/biome properties.

Responses would be appreciated


I’ve already used all 4, in relation to my symptoms, nothing has changed.

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Curcumin comes from turmeric. It is what gives the root its yellow color.

Piperine comes from black pepper. It increases gut permeability, allowing you to absorb more of what you ingest.

Bromelain comes from pineapple. It is a proteolytic enzyme used as a meat tenderizer. Eat enough raw pineapple and you will get enzyme burn, a prickly tingly feeling. Too much will result in bleeding of tongue, gums, cheeks, lips. The enzyme is disabled at 118 degrees, so only raw pineapple is active, not cooked.

Nattokinase comes from soybeans fermented with Bacillus Natto bacteria. It could technically be made with most other beans, likely with differing amounts, higher or lower.

Bacteria-laden beans with pineapple juice, turmeric and black pepper would blend well with a goat curry dinner.


Is it wise to use nattokinase, if it is made from soybeans? I think soy has some estrogen-mimicking properties. It seems like adding in something like that may not be wise. People on here have written about being crashed by vitamin K2 suppmenets. K2 is often made from natto - also known as fermented soybeans.

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I’ve tried natto before but I was very early on so I had a lot more symptoms going on all at once. Soy I don’t think was good for me though I can handle small amounts of soy sauce now and then along with edamame and tofu specifically for some reason when I had the burning brain crap going on somehow made it a bit worse but that was probably my immune system going haywire. Natto made me really tired and really histamine-y when the histamine was higher I had a bit more energy somehow but ultimately it just made me feel worse and really messed with my digestive system.

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My understanding is soy acts as an agonist at specific estrogen receptor sites and acts as an antagonist at others. The same for hops, licorice, kudzu, and psoralea. I am fond of psoralea, a natural dopamine reuptake inhibitor. It tastes and smells very similar to coffee. In your case, accutane acts as a retinoid agonist and retinoid antagonist at different receptor sites. I’ve read a PAS victim describe having the symptoms of both low vitamin A and high vitaminn A at the same time. In my case, saw palm acts as an estrogen receptor blocker in the prostate. I do not believe fin or accu influence estrogen.

Anyway, as I said above, you can use other beans, red, black, pink, navy, chickpeas, lentils to make natto. The nattokinase enzyme could be lower or higher though, I do not know. Also anyway, the bacteria produce digestive enzymes that break down the components of the soybeans into different compounds. This is similar to how the bacteria in sourdough cultures break down the gluten in wheat. All my life, too much wheat too often bothers my gastrointestinal tract. It cannot be the gluten because barley and rye have gluten, yet they don’t bother me. Nonetheless, fermented wheat does not bother me. Most sourdough on the store shelves is fake, not fermented long enough if at all, and contain additives to make it taste like the real stuff. There is also imposter natto on store shelves; the same with sauerkraut. I prefer to make my own; it tastes better and costs less money.

Histamine is not entirely bad. It is supposed to be the mother of all neurotransmitters.


I didn’t know that, so saw palm victims tend to have some kind of estrogen regulation/receptor problem? Do we know what happens after someone has been damaged by saw palm in the estrogen system?

Judging by the first link, it also impacts progesterone receptors, except I have not looked into that much.

There you have it, scientific journals and other prominent sources.

I wonder, does anyone know know if Sage Pub Journals is the same entitity as sage Therapuetics who is marketing the allo-like drug?


Epigenetics too, apparently. Rather than copy, paste, and repost, here is a hyperlink that sums up my view on the epigenetic hysteria: So 186 up regulated genes in our brain study

Worth noting is aromatase inhibitors do not impact DHT or androgens, but they also cause a persistent syndrome, likely stemming from estrogen and its receptors. finasteride and accutane does not impact estrogen or aromatase, at least not that I can find. This would suggest saw has a broader scope of action.

Surprise surprise, men need estrogen too, folks.