Question for you guys

Finasteride lowers the conversion of T to DHT?

Did everyone have low dht? When they noticed symptoms?

Why dont all users of finasteride have these symptoms?

Does my low dht indicate that I still have something in my body that is blocking the conversion? and this is the reason for my symptoms?

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No one can give you a definit answer since we’re all chemically different and finesteride (or any other drug for that matter) would practically affect everyone differently. Yes, there can be many similarities w.r.t. symptoms but baseline for every person is different.

I can tell you from my own personal experience is that it may not necessarily be low DHT per se. It’s best to get all necessary hormones tested and try and look at the big picture. Low DHT should result in higher E2 conversion (theoretically speaking) so if you can measure LH, FSH, TSH, FT3 & FT4, Testosterone, DHT, E2, Cortisol, DHEA-s & SHBG then you can get a better idea and develop a recovery plan that fits your particular situation.


If we knew the answer to that with certainty PFS would be solved but there are various theories about the etiology of PFS. I happen to support the theory that the gene for 5ar2 is methylated as I think that can account for all available evidence. Your blood profile is similar to mine and is consistent with the theory. Read my comments on this thread for a detailed version, although I really should make a new thread about it.

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How long did you take finasteride? And how long after you stopped did you start getting bad symptoms like erectile dysfunction, etc.?

For some people it causes a hormonal imbalance; for others it effects androgen receptors themselves, and for some unlucky individuals it can affect neurosteroids.

where did you get this information?

You’re on propeciahelp without actually having taken any anti androgen medication. It’s a wonder as to why you have yet to heard this basic information…

well ya?! I have the same symptoms without taking these drugs?

Doesn’t that mean that your idea of what this drug does could be wrong??

Nothing on this forum is 100%. I still firmly believe that our issue is hormonal.

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what do you think about liver issues? bile? wilsons? hemochromatosis? vitamin a toxicity? malapsorption? low stomach acid?

I don’t believe it’s any of that for PFS individuals. But you haven’t taken an anti androgen, at least you don’t think you have, so it could be for you.

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indeed, just find it strange its the only place I find my symptoms… apart from cauda equina syndrome but its been ruled out