Question for long time sufferers

For those who have more than 3 years of PFS: How much of your libido and how much of your erection do you have today compared to the pre-fin state? It’s possible to have sex without Cialis?

I can have sex without cialis fine but my libido is always very low and sensitivity and feeling from orgasm is next to nothing. I’m at 8 years now

I can’t have sex and have zero libido. Nothing has returned. Prior to fin I was very active with a raging drive

Libido has gotten worse over time (mostly from various treatment misfires). It’s at the point where sex seems like a chore.

On the other hand, erections improved over time. I was at roughly 85% of my pre-PFS state. (However, a lot of this progress was lost when taking maca root last year).

I’m 9 years in.

Sex drive and sensitivity: 10%
orgasm: 0
Erection sometimes works fine, but does not last longer than 10 seconds. I’m slowly forgetting my sexual desire and orgasm. I am very afraid of this. I don’t remember.

It is impossible for me to have sex without Viagra. And even then I have no sensitivity and orgasm feels like nothing. 7 years since I took accutane and paroxetine.

I also took paroxetine a year after propecia

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