Question for long-time members and mods: How valuable is this scientific finding for prediction of duration?

I just found this study from 2017 detailing the duration of persistent erectile dysfunction in young men (16-42 years) after quitting exposure to 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors.


I’m fairly certain most of you have found or read through this particular study at one point.
I was particularly interested in this excerpt:

" Among men 16–42 years old and exposed to finasteride ≤1.25 mg/day, 34 of 4,284 (0.8%) developed PED (persistence median 1,534 days, IQR 651–2,351 days); the multivariable model predicting PED had one variable: duration of 5α-RI exposure. Of 103 young men with new ED, 34 (33%) had new PED. Young men with >205 days of finasteride exposure had 4.9-fold higher risk of PED (NNH 108.2, p < 0.004) than men with shorter exposure."

My question for long-time members and moderators of this forum is:

How often have you seen people get cured from erectile dysfunction after two/three/four years after quitting Fin or any of the other meds? Especially people who have taken Fin for only short periods of time or only a few pills.

As a person who was exposed to Fin for 1 mg for 30 days I wonder if the median of 1534 days (4.2 years) would be a solid guideline for a time it may take for me to recover from my erectile dysfunction naturally?

Right now I find the prospect of being impotent for 4 years rather daunting but at least it’s more comforting to have the idea that it will pass after 4 years than having to live with the idea that this is permanent.

What are your thoughts?