Question about your experience with penile atrophy

Sensitive question so I understand if not everyone is comfortable answering, but how much damage did fin do to everyone else (penis & such)? I’ve been on and off for several years, starting at about 18 and ending in late 20’s, and didn’t have much to begin with so I’m wondering if penis shrinkage is relative to starting size? I started around 5 1/2 inches and lost maybe half an inch in length (a ton in girth but didn’t measure).

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Warning, blunt answer:
Before PFS I had a flaccid length of 5 inches and 7 erect.
In the years since I shrank to about 3" soft, with no erections to measure.

About 4 months back I started a recovery I thought, with nocturnal erections and an increase of an inch soft.

After a month the recovery died off with no further nighttime boners. In the past months shrinkage resumed, I’m now at 2 inches soft, barely enough to hold while I piss.

I have no idea what killed my recovery. My eunuch life continues. Jim


What brought the improvement Jim, do yiu know?

As side its always been the same for me too recoveries have ceded less over time then after lapsing I’ve reverted to a lower baseline. This is not unique and has been reported by others. Holding onto and building on the gains seems elusive but must be possible. The science will hold the answers.

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I didn’t mean to leave you hanging for a week, @LazarusRy. I’ve tried to recollect the timing…

It was spring '23 when I started having very occasional nocturnal erections. These were my first in 4 years! Over the following months I also was able to attain and maintain actual daytime erections of varying quality.
By July I was able to write a good friend that I had a 15 minute wank! I was so hopeful for the future!

For several months things went fairly well. By September the bloom was off the rose, and by November I wrote that friend that erections were totally absent again.

I have no idea what precipitated the crash. Since then my genitals are numb again: little sensation, no excitation. As I wrote in post 2, I have had dreadful shrinkage as well. Depression follows of course.

I can only hope for another future recovery. I wish I could say definitively what prompted the recovery, or how to avoid a crash. But I cannot.

I hope this writing is helpful to @Minor-damage as well. Jim