Question about sound processing disorder related to AR overexpression


Still feeling any benefits ?


Yeah, I am.

I still have glitches but they now come and go, today I don’t have them, yesterday I did.

I used to have them constantly every day and every waking hour for three years.

Thinking of doing another enema to confirm that it has an impact.


Sorry, must have missed this post. I have not noticed any difference for me with regard to high/low carb diet. But I know that other people have reported the same.

Glad you are doing better. Good luck!


Just a short update that could be useful:

It is almost exactly one year since I quit Fin: I’ve noticed that my hair is looking thinner and is falling out, did that happen to you within a year after quitting Fin?
Should one take it as a good sign?

Also, as I have mentioned, my semen has been looking much thicker the last month or so.

I did another enema as I said, and it had a good impact again, sleep has been much deeper and more harmonic the last few days.



I would take any improvements as a good sign more so than increased shedding.

Also noticed the question directed to me about problems with processing sounds. I don’t know in what way it could relate to AR overexpression, but I did develop this problem after crashing. My hearing is great, but I can’t pick voices out from a crowd the way I used to be able to.

Either way, good to hear you are doing better.


Yeah same thing here, on reflection… if in a generically busy room cannot decipher what someone is directly saying to me, when they are right in front of me, much of time. I can hear the words but cannot process. Recall a survey about this a few months back by Awor. May be worth digging up.


Hi Pete, do you know where that survey can be found? I tried the search engine but couldn’t find it.


I too have difficulty differentiating voices in a noisy room or separating music and television from a conversation, for example. But I feel like I’ve had this problem for a long time (long before PAS). I had hearing problems when I was a child and had repeated otitis.

I also read that many of you have cysts in your left testicle, just like me.

Are these coincidences, a sign of genetic predisposition or something else?
It’s disturbing.


Hi again guys.

In my case, there is definitely some relation between improvement and gut health.

I am starting a cure this week which includes the rotation of Quassia Amara, Oil of Oregano, Papaya Seeds, Wormwood, Black Walnut, Garlic, Pumpkin seeds, Pomegranate, Kefir, and Apple Cider Vinegar.

I will keep you updated.

Wishing you all a positive week.