Question About Numbness

Many people here describe the feeling of numbness, but are very vague.

I’d like to know if anyone has these specific symptoms.

My numbness is mainly in the shaft, about from the base to midshaft. At the head, I have fluctuating sensation (10-40%). In the shaft, I have very limited or no control over the kegel muscles. The muscles that control urine flow. They feel numb. It makes for a very unsatisfying orgasm, since I don’t really feel it inside as its shooting out (sorry to get so graphic).

Does anyone else share this symptom?

I have similar issue with the shaft. The top of my penis numb. Directly under the head is ok. I can get a solid enough erection for sex. I use a Trojan warming lube, it helps a little. Then you just got to use your visuals to get off the rest of the way. I am sure it helps if your having unprotected sex. I can’t imagine using a condom at this point. Id be fucking worthless. Please go to the study! Its the only hope for getting a solution. Or at lease exposing this drug as extremely harmful and get it pulled off the market. Please contact Allen and if you need help with travel contact the PFS foundation.

Allen Papazian
Clinical Research Coordinator
Men’s Health, Aging and Metabolism
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
221 Longwood Avenue, BLI-549
Boston, MA 02115

Thanks for the tips mcibofh.

Something strange happened recently though. Hate to get graphic again, but last week, I had a very intense orgasm, near pre-fin, where I could actually feel it inside alot more, and the “spasms” of the penis were much more intense. Hadn’t experienced anything that satisfying since before fin. My orgasms had been slowly & slightly improving up until then, since my crash in Feb.

Not sure what this means, but oh well. They’re not as good as last week right now.

Good, Any improvements are always nice. I was able to have sex twice yesterday. Not as good as prefin but at least I am still able to perform. Orgasm was good.


I have the same problem. My pelvic muscles have weaken over time since my conditions began, so I lost my ability to consistently have strong ejaculation. I believe I can still feel things coming out, though.

My shaft numbness is the most troublesome for me. The lower shaft is little to no sensation, but where the skin appears different (I’m cut) feels normal. Frenulum started to become problematic recently (3 months ago) as well. The glans/head has improved since crash, around normal sensitivity from what I remember but it fluctuates from moderate to high sensation.