Question about "genital sensitivity/lack of numbness"

For me, its like i can definitely feel my penis and i can feel some sort of pleasure while masturbating. It doesn’t necessarily feel “numb” or anything, but the pleasure does not register in my brain, if that makes sense.
When people say they have numb genitals/sensitivity issues, do they mean the same thing? Or does genital numbness mean full on no sense in the penis at all?

It is prostate inflammation and damage causing nerve impairement mostly.

I’m trying to understand if i have it or not. I do feel sensation in my genitals it just feels like it does not travel and register in my brain. Whereas, for some people, it’s like there is no sensation at all so i’m wondering if its the same thing

Bane of my existence bud trust me

Listen to Coop tho his theory sounds legit

I would describe it this way

When I was twenty two years old I was having sex twice per day. Everything worked fine

During this time I developed such a severe prostate infection that my prostate become so enlarged that it caused complete urinary retention. Before, during and after having severe enough prostate inflammation that I couldn’t urinate for three days everything else still worked fine. Sensitivity, orgasm everything. It wasn’t until 4 years later after this time that I got PFS. Also, a few years into PFS I had an MRI of the prostate that showed it being normal size.

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For me , I had TOTAL numbness when i first crashed. I also had the not registering pleasure thing.

Thank the Lord, 3 months later, I am recovering bit by bit. I have regained roughly 65-80% sensitivity and the pleasure is registering again. Although the signals arent as strong as they were pre-fin yet.

Sexual and Penile sides are very zig zag up and down and veryyy verrry slowly imporve.

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If it was the prostate then women wouldn’t get PSSD as often as men do. Women get numbness from PSSD just as much as men do and all the symptoms are basically the same as for PFS.


Research from Dr Melcangi (please google it and him) shows that nerves that run to the penis from the spinal cord are changed or damaged in people with PFS. This is not a numbness like the nerve was cut and have 0 feeling or only pins-&-needles sensation. The genital numbness or lack of connection or lack of pleasure is a sign that something is not working right. If someone pinched your penis, you would feel it. Instead what PFS-ers are talking about it a kind of disconnect neurologicalliy between the pleasure of the penis while hard and stimulated versus feeling and enjoying it in the brain/mind/whole self. It is NOT prostate inflammation. Prostate trouble can cause its own problems but this kind of penis to brain disconnect is a different animal!


pudendal nerve is the thing Melcangi mentions in his research. Google it.


Is there anything that can be realistically done for this specific problem?
Stem Cell

Do you have the full version of Melcangi’s study, i can only see the abstract and they only mention about it like this:

‘‘Abnormal somatosensory evoked potentials of the pudendal nerve in PFS patients with severe ED.’’

‘‘Indeed, abnormal somatosensory evoked potentials of the pudendal nerve were observed in 25% of these PFS patients’’

I think it changes from person to person as we can see. Let’s hope this nerve damage is all reversible. And i believe it is.

Otherwise how many people could report ‘‘instant’’ fixes? I have seen PAS, PSSD and PFS cases who report either permanent instant or temporary instant recoveries. However the damage of PFS is so much and hardcore that it is almost like a joke that one can feel 100% back within a day or two.

But it seems it is possible after many reports. So, if there is an actual ‘‘damage’’ on our nerves, how a damaged nerve for YEARS, can return back to its normal health within just a few days?

This disease is so absurd that it almost feels like a joke from the hell. I sometimes imagine laughingf devils on their TV screens in hell, watching us and eating popcorns… Ahah!

However, i think this is a positive thing and i don’t think there is an actual nerve damage going on, i think it is more of a signal thing. I even heard this exact sentence from a temporarily recovered PFS guy ‘‘It’s neurological bro, im telling you we just don’t know what it is but i felt totally healed on that day.’’

Something is just missing, once it gets back body reverses the symptoms.(?)

I recall it being neuropathy (i.e., disfunction) not “damage”. Why exaggerate things if no one is doing anything to promote research anyway?

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In my experience this is certainly a symptom that can improve. I know in my case sensitivity has fluctuated massively over time. Doubt stem cells would be much help unfortunately.

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Do you remember any relation between urination force and sensivity improvements?

Stem cells might of the Mylen sheath was destroyed because of lack of androgens, no? Or some sort of other physical damage due to lack of androgens

This syndrome is very variable so some guys might recover through that. Just a very expensive endeavor to see unfortunately

If it’s a signaling thing then idk

Don’t just believe any overdramatic thing that comes along. These are simplistic, overly obvious possibilities, but they are not the most likely and not borne out by many variations or partial, temporary improvements, and there are many other possibilities, the true or main cause mostly unknown.