Q for those with shrinkage/narrowing/fibrosis

I quit fin 16 years ago. I havent recovered but was stable until this year. All of a sudden, my testicles shrank and softened (this resolved I think), my penis began to twist and ended up shrinking. It feels like I have lost tissue and have loose wrinkled skin now. I saw Dr Goldstein and he found mild cavernosa fibrosis. His protocol is shockwave+prp+viagra/cialis. He also put me on clomid, anastrozole, and addyi. They submitted data on their shockwave treatment to a urology convention last week. Apparently 63% of guys report improvement. He also showed me before and after pics of doppler images on pfs guys. So far, I dont feel improvement and Ive had 5 of 6 shockwaves and 1 prp. He said the medications will take a while before I feel their effects.

Looking through this forum Ive found many people with similar symptoms as me, dating back quite a while. For those of you with these specific symptoms, how has your condition progressed over the years? Has anything in particular helped or hurt you? Last year I was even convinced at one point that I was cured. I was having incredible sensation, great erections and orgasms, and then this happened. I dont know what triggered it but Ive given up on letting time heal me. Any improvement and advice at all from you longer term sufferers? Should I get on an A1 alpha blocker? Its one thing that Ive read about in here that seems to, at least temporarily, resolve shrinkage for a number of guys. Cheers


Bump any updates? Just got same prediction with nearly same drugs. @Almostcured