Pu-Erh Tea - Raising GABA


Has anyone tried Pu-Erh Tea? Apparently it can help increase GABA.

Pu-Erh tea refers to a variety of dark, fermented tea from China’s Yunnan province. Proponents of the tea’s health benefits claim it contains significant amounts of GABA. A study published in a 2011 issue of the Journal of Biomedical Science by Chien-Wei Hou supports this claim. Hou found Pu-Erh tea leaves to contain large amounts of bioactive GABA.

The therapeutic effect of Pu-Erh tea and Pu-Erh tea extracts warrants further study. Until then, you can enjoy Pu-Erh tea in its traditional steeped form.



Just bought some today, will report back. It is caffeinated, which is not ideal as I am trying to avoid caffeine. But I am going to give it a shot and see how I am feeling.

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Uhm, tea contains high amounts of 5-ar inhibitors. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phenolic_content_in_tea


Black Tea and Pu-ehr Tea

Just like alcoholic beverages, too much tea is not helpful for your preciousmanhood. Researchers found out that green tea can reduce your sex hormone levels if consumed in excess (above 5 cups a day). Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), is the flavonoid present in green tea.

However, some teas don’t contain EGCG. In fact, teas such as black tea and Pu-ehr tea even give your penis a boost by enhancing your libido.


Is this tea free of 5aris?


I’m British but I’m no tea expert :grinning:




From a rat study:

Theaflavins, especially theaflavin-3,3′-digallate, and pentagalloyl glucose (tannin) found in black tea strongly inhibit 5ar type 1 in rat liver cells at the NADPH binding site. Not sure about the other 5ar types. They also inhibit AR expression by downregulating prostate specific-antigen secretion and by inhibiting fatty acid synthase protein expression.

If you can drink tea without aggravating symptoms then congratulations. I am not British but I miss all kinds of teas, man. I am going to play it safe for now and avoid all these delicious things with heart healthy and cancer-preventing benefits. :weary:


Can we take fish oil? I used to take fish oil and drink green tea. Now I’m paranoid to consume either but I was definitely feeling better in some areas when I did consume them, most notably depression


Copy and pasting big words doesn’t make me an expert, but omega 3s are antiandrogenic and also crucial to our health. I eat salmon and I want to switch to algae oil over fish oil to avoid PCBs and other plastics that get in the diet of fish as our oceans are now plastic soup. Algae is how fish get their omega 3s. But the algae oils on the market are also formulated with weird antiandrogenic additives and I’m trying to find one without the additional baggage. However they’re also many times more expensive than fish oil.

I’d hate to make people paranoid about drinking tea if it never made them feel worse to begin with. I’ve avoided teas myself since taking finasteride but I don’t see a lot of talk about avoiding tea on this forum so I assume maybe plenty of people here drink tea without incidence or maybe it makes them worse and they don’t know it. Or it makes them feel better. Maybe we should start a poll?