Ptosis (sagging eyelid)

Has anyone noticed either one or both eyelids drooping? Shortly after taking finasteride i developed a mild case of ptosis in one eye.

I’ve been looking around and have found a connection.

Finasteride can reduce NO (nitric oxide) in the brain: … 1&SRETRY=0

Reductions in NO can cause ptosis: … daeb9bddc3

Anyone know more about this or have another explanation?

I have this over my left eye, yes.

How soon did you get it after taking finasteride? Did it get any better after stopping?

Just found this, apparantly adrenal insufficiency is a possible cause for a droopy eyelid:

Adrenal insufficiency: … /intro.htm

Don’t really remember because it’s really insignificant compared to what my other symptoms were. Sorry.

It has gotten better, yes. I only notice it now every once in awhile, usually when I am not feeling that hot.

Hello, I was wondering if your symptoms have improved by now and how long it took to recover please? Many thanks in advance.

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