PT 141

I’ve been reading a lot of anecdotes about PT 141! What do you guys reckon. Has anyone here tried it with any success or not?

Tried it a couple times. One time it did nothing. One time it had a strange effect. It made me yawn and stretch (like the stretch when you wake up) literally every 30 seconds. I cant even explain the feeling it gave me. It was like I could tell my body was trying/supposed to be super super horny, but my body just would not register it in my brain. Another time I tried it it gave me erections the following day. Pretty strange stuff.

Thanks for the feedback mate. Appreciate it! Very interesting response! I’m gonna try it at some point in the near future!

Overall for me it was a bad experience. You body will do some really bizarre things and it will induce the most rigid erection you’ve ever seen but your brain will feel completely dead in the process. Very strange, but go ahead and try it if you are curious

Once or twice was enough for me

Are you in the same position as me in that your penis works with stimulation of some kind but you have no mental libido?

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I’ve heard about this before and how it can increase libido. I know they been trying to get it released for years, but have had to do a lot more research because of side effects.
It says here:
The anticipated filing date in the U.S. for a new drug application for bremelanotide, is early 2018, with an anticipated approval and launch by early 2019. Off label uses for male sexual dysfunction will still be available.

I know this is many years later but I never saw this and better late than never. I would say that my plumbing works great but it’s my mind that doesn’t want to cooperate
It’s very frustrating