Psychological sensations VS reality

I constantly feel castrated but I know that i can get an strong and permanent erection for sex when I´m stimulated. This is due to loss of sensivity in sexual zone but it is not enough to impede successful sex, instead this keeps affecting my mind when I´m interacting with women for first time. I just want to raise awareness about our sexual symptoms, I can have sex and satisfy my partners but constantly I´m feel castrated so I´m sure that our mind aggravates the perception of our reality. I can not stop to feel insecure in many moments althought I know that´s unreal. This has happened to you?

Well, of course you dont feel confidence when aproaching a woman if you’re not feeling anything. How could you? Its faking interest, its lying to yourself. When you feel somethign “down there” you have the drive to meet women, and with that drive comes the confidence. At least that is what I believe or what happens to me, sometimes when I go out I take viagra “just in case” but also for the confidence boost when you feel the blood in your penis.


Hit the nail on the head
Viagra gets the blood flowing to the penis without it alot of us are wasting our time even thinking anything sexual.
For me the question is if you could get it up without the viagra would you feel more downstairs or is it that you don’t feel much downstairs is the reason behind what stops you from getting up .
I’ve asked myself this a million times and like i always say its some sort of blood flow issue to my mind for the physical aspect.
Now the next question that springs to mind, is the low libido due to not being able to get things up and lack of sensation combined you end up not really thinking about sex or seeing it as something exciting as to speak or is it the libido problem that caused the physical issues to manifest.
Don’t drive yourself mad thinking about this too much it will drive you crazy …
Make the best of what you have with whatever it takes i.e viagra etc until the real answers come to light other than this make sure you get any medical help possible to rule out any other possible problems it could be something unrelated to these drug persistent side effects.

If you ask me Confidence in anything in life can be affected when you find yourself in these shoes it’s something that’s always in the back of your mind even when your not aware of it your mind is thinking about it.

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Very good post here.
I sometimes ponder if me thinking I have no sensetivity actually ends up making things worse.

I never even thought about penile sensetivity before fin…