PSSD forum discussion topic DR Irwin goldstein


What do you guys make of this ?

Talk of scarring , hormone problems and a mention of treatment i.e drugs
Take a look at this link see what you make of this conversation guys.


I’m seeing him next week for PSSD. I will keep you all updated. I know I have scarring :persevere:


Hey that’s great news mate really appreciate you giving me the heads up on this Im really interested in what his theory will be Could i ask a personal question please
Is it the sexual side effects that your looking to get sorted and if so how bad are they ?

Ive looked on his website and one or two PSF sufferers say that seeing him did not help and one that said he was getting worse from the medication.
On the bright side alot of reviews are very positive.

Thankyou again I look forward to your reply


I am trying to get the sexual effects sorted (no libido, ed, shrinkage, etc.) as well as the emotional and cognitive effects. I have NO emotions whatsoever. Total zombie. Also terrible insomnia but I don’t know what he can do for that. I have a sleep study and I am hoping to get Xyrem.
I know it is hit or miss but there is a guy on the PSSD Facebook group who has been helped with his lack of emotions as well as genital numbness by Goldstein. It took 8 months and a few adjustments for the correct drugs to get deep in the brain tissue and start working. He’s maintaining on Addyi and a few other drugs. Maybe indefinitely but that’s ok. But he also stopped successfully. Also he had some kind of spinal procedure. Apparently Goldstein believes the spinal cord is involved.
Also I know he has an experimental procedure for the shrinkage involving PRP. I really hope it works for me.