PSSD and PGAD research (email RxISK)

IMPORTANT! (See email)

Please guys fill in the RxISK rapport

Or send an email to to be involved (only for PSSD/PGAD sufferers)

The Mario Negri Institute in Milan and the Department of Neuroscience in Maastricht University have recently begun collaborating with a view to set up research into PSSD, and perhaps antidepressant-induced PGAD.

We believe this is an important development. We are working together with this new research group and doing everything we can to support their efforts.

Initial conversations have centred around:

  • a survey of health professionals to find out what they are aware of and any insights they may have on treatments.
  • an epidemiological study to investigate prevalence.
  • a study to establish if something like biothesiometry might provide the basis for a test that would help raise the clinical profile of this condition and validate patients.

They are also thinking about possible international collaborations, funding opportunities and possible studies on biomarkers. The team includes one of the former members of Professor Waldinger’s group.

They would like to build a secure and confidential list of names and email addresses of PSSD (and maybe PGAD) patients that can be called upon for advice, volunteers for research and surveys, etc.

We are writing to ask if you are happy for us to forward your name and email address to this new research group. You won’t be bombarded with emails – they will probably be occasional only.

We hope as many people as possible will get involved.

Sent on behalf of Professor Healy.



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