PSSD and anhedonia

Hi guys,

I’m a 26 year old female who has been suffering with severe PSSD and anhedonia since mid 2014. I stupidly cold-turkeyed 150mg of Sertraline and I’ve been paying the price for that ever since.
I have never had proper windows since obtaining PSSD, except for a few vague glimpses of blunted emotions that were few and far between over the years. I
dont just have a low libido, I have NO libido. I honestly think the last time I was aroused was in 2013, when I was 21.

Over the years I’ve tried a few supplements: Maca root, Inositol and Choline, and L Tyrosine but they didn’t help me at all. Maybe I didn’t give them enough time. I never tried any drugs/meds to help alleviate my symptoms because honestly, I’m afraid that they might not work.

Sorry for the rant guys, I’m just in a desperately low place. I know that this isn’t about PFS, but the PSSD forums are mostly negative and it’s as if no one there can offer me any real hope.

Whenever I read recovery stories, the general consensus seems to be that people experience windows of improvements and gradually recover over the years. Unfortunately, that is not the case with me.

Does anyone here think it’s possible to recover from drug induced anhedonia/PSSD several years out with no prior windows?


Hi, first off, though the label on this website may say Propecia, we wish this forum to be an assembly point for those who have been affected by what seems to be the same condition triggered by a number of substances. You are welcome here.

With regard to your question, there are plenty of people who have experienced temporary recoveries, and though you may not have personal experience of such a recovery, I would suggest that everyone should take heart from their being possible.

It is an indication that though our bodies aren’t working properly at the moment, the condition can be reversed. As our conditions gain recognition and the science progresses we will find a treatment.

We are running two community projects here. Please participate. There will be more. Opportunities later, but if possible, please join in now.


hello and welcome :smiley:

I have been suffering emotional blunting which is similar to anhedonia (i think) since end of 2017. im your age as well.

its pretty frustrating, believe me, and i admire that you have been able to deal with it longer than i ahve, but we just have to stay strong as you have been. as for recoveries, this particular message board is making progress by:

  1. community projects 23&me genetics project-- which you should participate in by taking a 23&me test and upload results. it’s for people going through PAS PFS and PSSD.

  2. community project - survey, which is coming up, and you should fill out. we would also appreciate if PSSD forum guys can sign up here and fill it out. these two projects would give us potential access to large state funding (i think), which would accelerate us towards solutions, whether they are cures or therapeutics.

  3. funding Baylor research report, which should be coming out soon, and is rumored to have breakthrough insights on PFS. from there we will be given more concrete directions on how to pursue a cure and therapeutic reliefs. we may even be able to accurately guess how to relieve some symptoms from it, who knows.

there’s a lot of smart guys here that have somewhat accurately theorized what PFS is a long time ago, and many of these guys also believe PSSD and PAS are connected + believe in a cure which may come from stuff like CRISPR.

then you have therapeutics like sage-217 that might help when it comes out in 2 years. there’s also other stuff ive talked about in my posts but i havent tried them yet and i dont plan to anytime soon.

I don’t mean to get you ahead, because it’s very likely that it may not be the solution, but im just giving you some hope that worked for me. in reality, however, we need to first focus on these community projects first before engaging in discussing more about the potential cures. i have been a part of other PFS forums, and one of them in particular really likes to engage in discussing theories and solutions without really providing any concrete data. that’s why i prefer the focussed attitude of this message board, because it is pragmatic.

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I have PSSD as well. NO libido whatsoever. Are you willing to try other drugs like dopamine agonists?

That doesn’t seem like a natural thing to ask in response to:

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You are absolutely welcome here Sue.

As others have said, there is currently research into the underlying mechanisms that cause PFS and its persistency, which are very likely to be applicable to PSSD. We may see the light of day again someday. I’m another one who lost faith in aimless self-experimentation after having such little luck, even bad luck, with drugs, supplements, and diet and lifestyle changes. I think I am worse for the sake of trying to make myself feel better. The research gives me some hope to hang on to.

There is also a neurosteroid drug on the verge of approval that may help treat the cognitive and depressive symptoms that often accompany these conditions. I would brush this off as more false hope, but the drug is designed to directly address a neurosteroid deficit, found to be severe in PFS patients.

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I mean is she willing to try them NOW. Is there another worry besides that they might not work? The natural route isn’t working either.


Hi Sue. I’m a Paroxetine victim. Can you describe more details about your symptoms? Skin / genital anesthesia, urination changes, bowel changes , brain fog , cognitive / attention / memory issues? Thank you.

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Another quick note to say: welcome to the site. (But sorry you had to be here.) SSRI, Propecia, Accutane got us here. We want to solve this together.

We support the studies posted above. These are contributions to our escape. So, we’d love for you to participate.