Proviron tapering off protocol

I just got off the phone with my endocrinologist, by my count that’s doctor number 9.
He said the same thing all the other good doctors say.
Which is that the bloodworks show nothing and that they can’t do anything because that would be irresponsible… what I should do according to them is talk with a sexuologist (to accept this shit life I got now) and take viagra/tadalafil so I can get half an erection.

Well thank you very much for nothing doctor.
The time of waiting and accepting is over for me, I’m so done with this shit.
I am going to try some rough shit myself now because I just can’t handle it anymore.

So here is my gameplan:
Based on Mr. Anonymous’s theory (Anonymous user's theory: DHT treatment to increase 5AR2 expression) I am convinced there is something there.

I just bought some Proviron from Baltic Pharmaceuticals and I will be doing a tapering off protocol.

Week 1:
Monday: 100 mg Proviron (4 tablets)
Tuesday: 75 mag Proviron (3 tablets)
Wednesday: 50mg Proviron (2 tablets)
Thursday: 25 mg Proviron (1 tablet)
Friday: 12.5 mg Proviron (0.5 tablet)
Saturday 6 mg Proviron (0.25 tablet)
Sunday 3 mg Proviron (0.125 tablet)

I will be taking oral Proviron tablets and let them dissolve under the tongue.
Then I’ll be taking a week/ 2 / 3 weeks rest from the Proviron.
Than repeat.

The goal here is to shock your own DHT production and hopefully by tapering off obtain a higher baseline.
Now this is based on Anonymous his theory / people stating they feel better on Proviron / other Proviron recovery stories and my own personal belief.

If there is anyone that has some additional suggestions or opinions on why this would work or why not than I’m all ears.

Now here are some answers to FAQ so that you don’t have to ask them anymore.
1.: Yes I will keep you updated, might not be every day but I will keep you updated.
2.: I do not condone anyone to try and follow this self-thought protocol, this is my own idea and you should not do it. Even if it works / I see some improvements I do not condone you to do stupid shit like this. And yes I am afraid that I might get worse, but I have to know for sure.
3.: I am doing this because I’m kindda done waiting after 4.5 years. I have to try something.
4.: Yes I think this is dangerous and it might make me worse but this is the risk I am comfortable with taking.
5.: Pls do not try to convince me to not do it, waste of time and you will only annoy me.
6.: No I do not think weak stuff like herbs/vitamins/breathing techniques will work (I have tried a lot of those already) it’s the heavy shit like steroids that has a chance of working, hence my protocol.

So… that’s about it.


What was your DHT, testosterone, e2 after fin?

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Thanks for posting that interesting thread

Are you planning to take the Proviron in one go or to spread the dosage throughout the day?

I wonder if 100mg would be high enough of a dose to test the theory. Certainly looking forward to hearing about your response.

Good luck

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@devils342 I will post them later this week, I only know that my T was 500 and the rest was ‘‘normal’’

@Tyr Yes I will take it all in 1one go and let it dissolve under the tongue so it will be absorbed instantly.
Yeah I might play around a bit with the dosage but for the first try I’ll do this dosage seeing as a 25 mg dosage already should have effect.

Thank you and good luck!

So, u are not doing this to downregulate ur receptors but to manipulate dht production?

good luck keep
us updated

‘Mesterolone is a white to yellowish crystalline powder and is practically insoluble in water.’

‘The absolute bioavailability of mesterolone was determined to be about 3 % of the oral dose.’

I don’t know about you, but my digestion isn’t as good as it was before PFS. Maybe the bioavailability of oral Mesterolone will therefore be below 3%. In any case 3% isn’t ideal for an expensive product.

Have you thought about different ways to increase the oral bioavailability?

Dissolving under the tongue like you plan might work, but then again the actual Mesterolone doesn’t dissolve in water and therefore it might not work.

Perhaps another way could do this by diluting Mesterolone with oil and Benzyl benzoate which is a cheap cosolvent (a substance that helps to mix other substances) and then ingesting the Mesterolone oil solution…

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@anon74895881 Pls read Anonymous his theory, I don’t want to explain his theory here.
@eskimojoe Will do
@Tyr Didn’t think about that, but like I said. I will first follow this protocol before anything else. If I feel no effect at all I might switch it up.

Premature update: Still waiting for the proviron to arrive, I’m hoping I can begin on Monday.


Thanks for being brave and motivated enough to test this, I wish there were more like you here. I’ve mentioned this before but will paste it here again because it makes sense to: the recent PFS study confirmed part of what I said awhile back, that the gut microbiome is involved in PFS:

But did anyone know that DHT and the gut microbiome work with one another?:

The gut microbiota is a major regulator of androgen metabolism in intestinal contents

These findings demonstrate that the gut microbiota is involved in intestinal metabolism and deglucuronidation of DHT and T, resulting in extremely high free levels of the most potent androgen, DHT, in the colonic content of young and healthy mice and men.

I think there’s a chance continually supplying DHT exogenously (Proviron may work) may slowly correct microbiota dysfunction. My point is you’re testing more than one theory here and it could work on multiple levels, you may even want to include a high quality probiotic to your routine to help facilitate things. If I were in your shoes I would mentally prepare for a long test of 6-12 months and be prepared for a ride of feeling awful followed by surges of energy and libido. I would guess that only a long duration of therapy could have permanent effects.

Bookmarked the post, please keep us updated even if you decide to throw in the towel.

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Yeh, I posted about this study a while back but I wonder if it’s a cart vs horse situation here. The last chart is pretty striking.

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Another small premature update:
The site I bought it from seems to be a scam… there goes 50 euros.
Does anyone know a legitimate site from where I can buy Proviron?
I live in The Netherlands.

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I definitely noticed an effect on my gut from it. Every time I increased the dose, it would cause a little upset…but then that would normalize and improve above baseline. This led me to conclude that DHT definitely has some sort of effect/role in the gut.


At Brongfogboy: I am a long time sufferer and I read some of your posts years ago. I am surprised that you are still heare. I thought you were recovered.

Looks like I haven’t been scammed, the proviron just came in.
Its Proviron from HardCoreLabs and not Baltic Pharma.

So I’ll start today, ill take it in with dinner which I will have in about half an hour.
I’ll keep you updated.


No I’m not recovered, I made sure to update every post I created letting people know I wasn’t recovered, I don’t want to mislead anyone :slight_smile:

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Small update:
So I’m on day 4 now, the only thing I have to report is I need to pee more, which is probably due a bigger prostate because of the DHT. Nothing else to report.

My blood results from half a year ago:

LH 4 E/L (1-9)
FSH 2.2 E/L (1-8)
Oestradiol 80 pmol/l (<230)
Prolactin 172 mE/l (<300)
T 21 nmol/l (8.8-32.4)
DHT 1.44 nmol/l (0.91-3.19)
SHBG 28 nmol/l (11-52)
Free T 500 pmol/l (160-640)

Can anyone make anything out of my blood results?

You have almost the exact hormone levels as I had pre-fin. So from that aspect looking very good.

Haven’t seen an update from you, can I take you’re doing well? How are you doing now?

Aw man I just read your “Game Over PFS, I’m Recovering Post” and was hoping you’d fully recovered. Are you no longer a proponent of the whole gut theory to PFS? Did that protocol at least give you lasting benefits?

@pokertje Please give an update, how did your proviron experience go? How much did you take and how long?