Proviron homeopathic dose

Rather than using full doses of proviron, perhaps very low, homeopathic doses could gently nudge 5ar in the right direction. One could probably make a liquid version of proviron by dissolving one tablet in 95% alcohol.

It seems that 25mg makes things worse. 200mg cycled makes things way worse, but then better (for some) after they come off the cycle.

I have also wondered if 5-10mg would be beneficial, but the truth is it is doubtful. It seems the high dose shock followed by off cycle is what has had the most benefit.

Perhaps mcgs might be better

Perhaps, but I’m kindda sceptical.
I’ve done a homeopathic dose of finasteride like 1.5 year ago, also did nothing for me.
I have tried various dosages of proviron and it has also done nothing positively.
So I’m really wondering what a very small dosage would do (seeing as people here have done extremely high dosages, and if our problems are really related to DHT than in my opinion a very high dosage should at least have done something)… probably nothing to be honest, But you won’t know for sure unless you try.