Prostatitis urinary problems

Hello it’s been a year since I quit off drugs and I believe this poison gave me prostatitis and some damage to my pelvic floor, I have freequent urination ( waking up from sleep 4-5 times during sleep) and some burning sensation around my balls and under the belly button, I visit some doctors they told me that I have prostatitis according to my symptomps they checked my urine there was infection but no bacteria in urine, masturbating flaring up my urination problem, caffein as well. I wonder the 3rd month off drug I was taken antibiotic for my acne and a few days later my libido got back and erection improved almost pre-pfs level and after quit off antibiotic my symptomps back and antibiotic didn’t work again, my erection problem can be due to inflamation down there ?

I wonder your thoughts thanks.

Hey man, Just read your post and thought I’d shout out because when I first crashed way back , I had multiple bouts of pelvic floor pains and spasms and all sorts of issues, like you said coffee also aggregated it. I also had similar results to you with the non bacteria findings. And was diagnosed with prostatitis. The problem is the Dr prescribed me prostavor ( don’t take it. It has saw Palmetto and other shitty 5ar inhibitors)
Every morning I had pain underneath my belly button above the bladder and my balls ached . I had these pains for well over 2 years or something. Also anti biotics brought back my libido and erections for about 2 days or so then back to issues afterwards. Maybe try take some alpha blockers ( I tried Urimax ) I think it’s an alpha 1 blocker. This helped me with the pains and stuff for a while but the side effects are annoying. Also try do some pelvic stretches and deep pressure tissue massages and resistant pelvic stretches to ease the tension. Somehow this 5ar inhibitors throw off the pelvic floor somehow and it is very painful and uncomfortable. Hang in there buddy I hope these suggestions can help you

Yes I was using alpha blockers which was give me spontaneous erections, It helped relaxing muscles abit, so can we say my ED related pelvic floor and prostatitis? Did u cured?

Alpha blockers helped me regain some size especially in the flaccid state but I never had libido with alpha blockers, I would like to try it again and see. I am still living with the pfs - I am definitely not cured

If it helps abit, it’s mean we should do more on pelvic muscles because it’s very hard to treat tight pelvic muscles…

Check out Greg HF on YouTube for some resistant stretching excersizes, he suffered Hard Flaccid and pains all related to pelvic floor. I don’t have much pain in this regard any more - The odd flare up every now and then, but it’s much more manageable now, I just have all the other PFS symptoms to still live with though. If these alpha blockers and stretches help you , you must continue that approach