Prostatitis help?

Over the last couple of years I’ve developed clear signs of prostatitis with relation to my PFS; I can’t sleep for hours and wake up constantly needing the toilet. I feel all the associated pain and discomfort that comes along with it.

The doctor says the urologist didn’t think it would be ‘worth my time’ to see them. And I’m stuck with no idea what to do.

Does anyone know of anything that might help this particular side of things?


Whatever you do, don’t take any herbal remedies for prostatitis, I’ve been there and it made me crash again. Pfs wize, alot of those "prostate health " supplements as an off label prostatitis prescription contains 5ar inhibitors like saw palmetto ect.

I had these severe pains for long. Especially in the morning, and at night.

You could try an Alpha blocker but would have to get a prescription for it. That helped me a bit reduce the pains ect.

Then try those pelvic resistant stretches aswell to loosen up the muscles down there and relieve some tension. Pain blockers and muscle relaxants are a temporary help too.

Also try watch your diet, sometimes caffeine and alcohol can trigger flair ups aswell

I hope some of these things help you.

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