"prostate symptoms" are really pelvic floor/perinium?

Good info, thanks.

What sides did you have while on provasin?

A few questions for Moonman:

  1. Are you recovered? Would you consider yourself 100% normal during 3-4 hrs Prazosin?

  2. What is the significance of the trigger points? What do you do to “them”? How does it help?

The sides are low blood pressure. I get pretty weak and tired. The first time I took it I took 4mg an hour before bed. I woke up to piss at some point in the night and while I was pissing I almost passed out. Got really dizzy and actually went semi-deaf for a minute or two with ringing in my ears. I made it back to bed and just basically fell asleep. You are supposed to work you dose up. 1mg for a few days. then up it to 4mg 3x a day over time. Supposedly the sides will never appear if you do this.

Would I consider myself 100% recovered during this time? No, not really. It doesnt treat the root cause of PFS. It does mask or cover one of the side effects though. If I were to tirate my dose over time so that I could take the 20mg per day spread out over 3-4 doses…then I would venture to say that then I would would feel 100% sexually recovered (or “masked”). I can say for a fact though that even a small dose of 2mg allows me to achieve erection pretty easily and it actually stays hard during intercourse. And if I am not having sex then my penis at least hangs normally and inst shrunken and atrophied. At this point that is all that matters to me.

The significance of the trigger points. Many of the guys who have gone to pelvic PTs to get the trigger points worked on have recovered fully from the sexual side effects. If you leave them there then they will cause any of the following; pain, aching, infection, inflammation, atrophy…

Semi-off topic and for a another thread…but there is research that shows that elevated Norepinephrine can also cause testostrone to aramatize to E2 at a higher rate and also 5-alpha-reduction.

FOR MEN: 5-16% of male office visits are for chronic prostatitis; 95% of those patients suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction.


Sounds interesting. Please do post the link.

Actually Tim, I got some neurotransmitter metabolite tests back today showing that my norepi. is actually on the lowish side. So I doubt that being chronically high is the cause. However here is the study anyways…

Norepinephrine stimulates testosterone aromatization and inhibits 5 alpha reduction via beta-adrenoceptors in rat pineal gland.


Just read “Heal Pelvic Pain” tonight. Here are a few quotes from it…

Inflammation of the prostate gland that can also decrease libido and cause impotence—is another fairly common male disorder, and it’s been shown conclusively that 95 percent of its symptoms are nonbacterial and most likely caused by pelvic floor dysfunction."

Men also suffer from pelvic floor weakness and may experience the incontinence, decreased libido, and erectile dysfunction that may be the result from such weakness.

Stein, Amy (2008-08-06). Heal Pelvic Pain : The Proven Stretching, Strengthening, and Nutrition Program for Relieving Pain, Incontinence,& I.B.S, and Other Symptoms Without Surgery (p. 129). McGraw-Hill. Kindle Edition.

But why prazosin works then?

This is not my response, but answers the question

I found what I hope is a decent Pelvic Therapist. She is a 1.5 hour drive from me, but she should be able to tell me for sure whether there is any pension, buildup, inflammation, trigger points, etc in my pelvic floor. She has taught a few classes on it. Will probably have my first session next week.

If any of your are in New York City, then shoot me a PM. One of the best in the nation is midtown.

Interesting read if you have time from this thread

These quotes I found interesting and explain this theory…

I encourage more people to look into this.

I have talked to a user who has just begun pelvic therapy as well as some pelvic exercises and says that they already notice less congestion, better libido, stronger erections, more sensation, and better orgasm. This is after only 1 therapy session and some exercises. Total recover realistically is months to a year of therapy.

Btw, this person says that they already have more recovery than the erntirety of the Kos therapy!

I have my first therapy tonight. Will update afterwards…

Once you learn these exercises, please let us know if there are any online resources to help the rest of us out.

What do you think of this tutorial?

i read headache in the pelvis about 5 months ago. i started doing the yoga exercises and at one point I thought it made me worse instead of better. i bought the membership to that chronic prostatitis website and I know a lot of people said that with physical therapy, you get worse before you get better, but I wanted to go to a doctor before I did anything else. long story short, this has been in the back of my head and i actually made an appointment with a doctor that knows about it to get it checked, but my cash flow was bad and i didnt go. i’m planning on trying to find a doctor pretty soon here to investigate this pelvic floor muscle problem as well… maybe i’ll try to go tomorrow, thanks for reminding me.

How was the therapy and things now Moonman?

Bad News

My therapy was not what I expected it to be as she focused on “realignment” of my hips and lower back. She did not even go near the perineum or other “taboo” parts of the pelvic floor. You need a physical therapist and not just any will do. You need one who deals daily with pelvic therapy and will do biofeedback and myofascial trigger point therapy. I know of a really good one in NYC as well as one in San Francisco/Oakland.

I consider that there are 2 parts to this therapy. One is exercises (stretches) and the other is the myofascial trigger therapy.

Currently I have only been able to do the stretching. I have done some trigger point therapy myself, but it really is pointless compared to the work an experienced PT can do.

Good News

I think I am at a point where I can say for certain that my penis in a completely better state than it was just 6 weeks ago and this is 100% due to the exercises. It is rarely cold and rarely shrunken/contracted now. The majority of the time the spider veins are mostly or completely gone. The color of it has even changed, a lot lighter and healthier looking compared to at times it would almost look purple. Also my main dorsal vein was to a point where it was huge, almost like it was swollen and also very dark blue/purple. It rose out of my penis very much to the point where I was at times afraid it would somehow get injured. Anyways, the vein is back to a normal state and color (lighter blue) the majority of the time.

My erection quality/strength appears to have improved some. Libido, idk its still pretty low. Still not getting random daytime erections, but a few times I have accidentally “swept” up across a desk or counter and noticed my penis actually “flinch” a bit, like there is some life or mind-penis connection coming back. Regardless of how much the previous 2 sentences might be “placebo”…I can say for 100% fact that my loads have been much stronger. I seriously can squirt a few feet now as if I was 17 again instead of it just dripping out like it has the past 6 years haha.

I know I have tons of room for improvement. I can literally feel the congestion now in my perinium. These exercises have helped tremendously with the mind-pelvis connection. Being able to “open” it from the anus then slowly up to your balls is quit a strange feeling that takes time to master.

I know I am missing out big time w/ out PT work as I already mentioned before one user here PMed me and felt “better libido, stronger erections, more sensation, and better orgasm after only 1 therapy session and some exercises”. This is a guy who says he noticed nothing from all of the Kos/Greece prostate treatments.

Anyways, I again, urge others to look into this. I am not saying this is the cause of PFS at all, but it certainly is getting some good results.

I spend about 20 minutes do the stretches each morning, mid-day, and night. I also work in the “pelvic drop”, which is almost like a reverse kegel (not a kegel, do not do kegels) any conscious moment I have all day and also do it during my stretches. The pelvic drop is also what the other user says he noticed helps a ton.

If you google image “pelvic stretches”…most of the ones you will see I do. But I have begun to really focus on just 2-3 the hardest. “Heal Pelvic Pain” is worth the buy or check it out at the library…copy the stretches down.

2:06 of this video. I do this, but an improvised version so that I really feel the stretch. Notice in the video she says focus on the “pelvic drop”…that is key. Relax and open the perineum with your mind. It takes time to learn but is very important. Like I said, I do the pelvic drop like 40 times day now. I think it is key.

edit: the woman in that video is Amy Stein who wrote “Heal Pelvic Pain” and runs the PT in NYC.

hey moonman, that is absolutely awesome.

did you experience anything negative before you got better? do you do the exercises in headache in the pelvis as that is the book I have? and by any chance, regarding the pelvic drop, is it where you exercise your butt muscles? i read something about doing an exercise called anal breathing as being really helpful.

Thanks Moonman. We should all take a break from the PC and do these exercises, if for no other reason than to just stretch our muscles out.

See Moonman’s link for image explanation.

These seem to be the same types of muscles exercised as those that get worked by deep squats.


I’m the other user that moonman mentioned. I got a major improvement in pelvic congestion simply by doing a few “pelvic drops”.
Since then, my erection quality and libido have been better.

I’ve not started the whole program yet since I’m still suffering a little from fluoroquinolones damage, but will soon.begin it.

I found a myofascial trigger point therapist and had 3 sessions, we will see how it goes. He told me he could feel that the aera in my pelvis was like dead so he’s working on it.

Yes, the area (I dont know what its called) that is where the upper hamstring and where it connects to the gluteus as well as the periunem, that area is where I def have some small trigger points. It took me 2 weeks to find them so they were not obvious.

You do not want to do squats though. You want to start with stretching. The muscles of the pelvic floor are “weak and constricted”. The first step is stretching. The second step is trigger point therapy. The third step is then light strengthening. First and second step might take a few months.