Prostate Massage issues

Hi guys,

I’ve been suffering from PFS for the last 4 years with most my sides getting better aside from mild sensitive issues as well as a lack general lack of orgasm feeling. My orgasms range from a 1/10 to 2/10 for the last 4 years.

I traditionally used to be in to prostate simulation during sex and once PFS happened I noticed that any stimulation to my prostate results into a severe crash of my side effects in which sensitivity would go down the drain, my orgasms would revert to being 0/10 in which there would be build up to an orgasm and on release I would feel nothing. I would also have pain on my left testicle Which got worse during peeing or orgasm. During the crashes I also felt a complete change in my mood and attitude for roughly 1-2 months as I recover from a crash.

I have been stubborn around 2-3 times these past few years where I have experimented with prostate simulation which have resulted in crashes that last 1-2 months in terms of recovering back to baseline.

Does anyone know what these sides can relate to and what possible treatments are available? I’ve been on a waitlist to see a urologist for nearly 2 years in Canada now.

I would ask your doctor about prostate inflammation. Maybe parasites. I don’t know.
Two years seems a very long time to wait and see a urologist, can’t you just go to a different one? I can’t imagine this being normal.

My orgasms are exactly like you describe. Been like this for 8 years