Prostate erections

I want to ask some questions:

Did someone have prostate issues but no problems with erections?

No problems with prostate but no erections?

Did someone have improvement with prostate issues after years of pfs and how did it influence your erections?

I had before getting issues with my prostate problems with erections. Still got pain while sitting since march this year.

I don’t think I had issues with my prostate, but I did get pain in my perenium who was worse when sitting on it for prolonged time.

At the time I couldn’t get good erections or “wiggle” my dick while erect.

But it’s resolved now and I haven’t had any pain there for months. I can also wiggle my penis freely and feel the different muscles.

And it’s easier to get all the pee out.

I am glad that you could resolve the issue my friend👍 What did you do to improve? I am struggling with this one.

I can’t say 100% what it was. But I’m pretty Creatine had the biggest impact…

Now people will say Creatine crash people and it’s true. But for me it has only been helpful.

I did some digging into the Baylor study and what the gene/pathway that is involved in both PFS and Creatine.

I’m pretty sure it’s the JAK - Stat pathway. Especially Stat5A, which has also been shown to interact with both AR and being a very important pathway for hair loss. Some other things this gene is involved in is Taurine which I also used.

It’s also a very important pathway for endothelial cell proliferation (blood vessel health), one of the most underexpressed cluster of genes according to Baylor.

After this issue was fixed for me I can get decent boners again and also my cum will shoot very far. But no change in sensitivity and my cum takes way longer to regenerate than before fin. I need at least 3 days without ejaculate for it to become “normal”. Pre PFS I could come 1-3 times daily and have normal sperm.

My pain was very “shallow” so that’s why I don’t think it was my prostate. I also had my prostate examined and I didn’t feel any pain there when it got touched.

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Nice that something like creatine is helping you, especially with one of the worst sides imo. I thought darc chocolate would help me to keep cortisol low and improve the issue with my prostate but I can’t feel any relief from it.

I am now trying pancreatin for a clearer mind but I think it does not affect anything at all. I will go on until the end of the next week and replace it with creatine. What dosage and brand do you take?

Yeah it was quite annoying. But not even close to my worst symptom. My insomnia is waaay worse for me.

But yeah, I use 5g/day in the morning or after a workout. It’s a cheap Swedish brand. Just normal monohydrate which is super cheap.

Be careful if you decide to try it. Start slow, maybe with 2.5g/day.

It has crashed people, and even though I found it hard to believe before
After som diggning I now understand that it most certainly can have that effect.