prostate discomfort\pelvic floor tension mainly involved in sexual sides?


I read about lot of ppl here that has this problem and thinks that is resposable of our sex issues.
I agree, but we need to find some literature to comfort this opinion.

of course fina be the trigger, but we could cure symptoms in some way if we cure the “damaged parts”.

if we r not able to find\cure the root cause we could handle this
(for now)


Thread on bacterial prostatitis

Thread on pelvic floor complications


thx moonman

here nobody tried pregabalin or gabapentin for pelvic floor\neuropathic issues?
and how many had SSEP and EMG tests done?

we need to explore better this option


I have a numbness feeling in my left (left lower butt) pelvic area while ejaculating. Also, i have constant pelvic muscle pain especially when sitting. It comes and goes. I don’t think of any relation to Accutane or Finasteride. Probably i damaged myself with sitting too much… Has anyone got this??


I have these pains as well. Urologist prescribed me antibiotics for a month and I don’t have the pain so much anymore but nothing has improved as far as sensation. I’m curious to try pelvic floor exercises but all I can find are ones for women who’ve had a baby (which I tried) and this hasn’t helped either. Anyone have a good guide on some pelvic relaxation exercises? I also heard kegels can make it worse