Prostate atrophy?

Can Proviron increase prostate size?

I can believe that this could be part of the explanation. Maca root also makes the prostate smaller, and just a few days use gave me penile shrinkage and weaker erections.

as i said supplementing dht will increase blood level but not intraprostatic level, so no it will not incraise prostate size

How does one increase prostate size then? It’s almost impossible to Google for this stuff, bc there are so many more people who want to reduce prostate size.

I’ve taken huge doses of steroids including proviron. No effects.

I wonder if stem cell treatment from a donor injected into the prostate can help our prostates go back to normal?!! I’m just an idiot who doesn’t know jack about the whole science thing but I wonder if it is possible?

Tribulus Terrestris can enlarge the prostate. Maybe this is why some people get cured with Tribulus. Who knows…

Phenylephrine (active ingredient in DayQuil) causes prostate growth, which is probably why I felt a bit better when I was taking it.

Unfortunately, there can be a kind of “rebound effect”, so it’s probably not a reliable way to increase prostate size.

Well I always suspected from this, my prostate volume is 14cc which is quite small.
Also i have rectal pain after ejaculation and aromatase inhibition makes my prostate wants to ejaculate. I cannot describe feeling but i can say that it is the feeling before orgasm in your inguinal region and rectum.

So Prostate atrophy is causing me to have no emotions, numbness, loss of taste and smell, insomnia, etc.? No way


No man but, if your dick did not work you get depressed and depression can make all other things.
Also i am wondering dht production of 10cc prostate and 25cc prostate should not be same. Small or too small prostate might affect Estrogen/Dht ratio

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Total nonsense. Only if you are a doctor pushing antidepressants as a cure-all, as some do. You can see how well that works.

I know i have to correct the sentence may do all other things.

Maybe it doesn’t physically shrink the prostate, but shuts down/alters the prostate’s 5ar2 permanently? This might leave dht in normal ranges for plasma, since dht is made from other sources, but the dht used by the penis might be greatly reduced seeing as the prostate androgens are more related (i think) to genital function than androgens from other locations.

Building off this, does anyone know a way to test intraprostate androgens? (DHT/T)


Can’t we test this with dht gel like andractim on penis ?

I wonder if a prostate biopsy would show anything in this case?

Check out. I was talking about this years ago. Unfortunately that website doesn’t appear to be online anymore. I did too have an ecography showing small prostate. Will do a magnetic resonance soon to check out better.

I feel that the shrunken prostate theory is the most correct for sexual symptoms. Before finasteride the prostate was like a very hard and big stone that supported my erection

Tribulus and Creatine, combined with resistance training and carnivorous diet, and some broccoli, during a permanent period… I would like to know if anyone has tried that.

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Ok @Tzinkman, will do that as I have time.

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