Proposal for study on historical reports of recoveries (temp or ongoing)


I’ve spent a good deal of time thinking how I can best use my funds to better the push towards gaining a better understanding of PFS, and consequently providing relief to those afflicted.

I’m proposing doing something which hasn’t been done before to my knowledge.
I’d like to pay for to be systematically scraped for data pertaining to such events. Having variables such as substance used, duration of recovery, strength of recovery, duration of use and the like to be documented.

Analysis of this data could be the next step, and may provide us further insight into the mechanisms underlying the disorder, what works, what doesn’t and what makes things even worse.

This data could help researchers as well as the general community in measuring risks associated with ‘testing’ substances which may have caused recoveries or worse, crashes and deterioration of symptoms.

Instead of a new poster receiving some advice from an ‘old hand’ regarding somebody back in 2007 who tried substance x and crashed, there could be some quantitative data they could be directed to.

I’m happy to fund this, but would like input as to what community members regard as being variables worth measuring. So far I have thought the following will be particularly meaningful:

Duration of use
Effect - (improvement or deterioration)

The last two would be used for verification purposes, to ensure that those who are doing the scraping are indeed doing a good job.

Any other thoughts as variables which would be worth adding?