Proposal for meet ups



As some of you know I’m from the UK and live in the north east of England. When discussing all of this shit (PFS) one of them asked if fellow sufferers ever meet up to talk through it all,eg symptoms, impact, ideas F2F. While I recognise we all have our own lives I don’t think it would be a bad idea. As PFS is a lonely disease and those in our lives can’t relate! Just putting it out there to what you think. I’m not knocking the forum as it’s provided me with lots of info from guys in the same boat. Cheers


I told @2981 that I met up with a friend I made here.

If anyone is reading this and thinking they’d like to meet up with someone for support, I recommend it. It was a positive experience for me.

Obviously be sensible, meet somewhere public and safe, as you would when meeting anyone you don’t know particularly well.


We’re actually considering a subforum to either augment or replace the way the PFSF offers patient contact, as we can implement a map functionality that would let users share a coarse area in a dedicated section and then arrange anything via pm.

I think that might be quite useful to people, particularly to expand options for those who aren’t necessarily interested in self-medication or alternative therapy and are here to connect for support.


Great stuff guys


I’ve actually met in person with another PAS patient. It’s amazing how normal we can appear to be on the outside when we have such a horrible affliction.

@axolotl, I think the map is an excellent idea.