Propecia up-regulates receptors but S. palmetto down regulates receptors? Protodioscin trial


I read this article ( that states SP down regulates androgen expression. I had the full text version on my phone but lost the site. Am I reading this right? Does SP work differently then propecia?

I got a hold of some 40% protodicoscin TT. I only took two pills. The few days after my morning wood dissipated and I obtained a bloated feeling similiar to the bloated feeing I had a few weeks after my crash.

I’ve recovered from this little set back. Don’t know if it why the protodisocin or just coincidence. I actually took it to try and fix my brain since I’ve read that proto up-regulates androgen activity in the brain.

Sorry for the brief post. I’m in a hurry and have to run. As far as my progress, insomnia is my worst side along with depression. I recovered fairly well sexually. About 80% on average.

Thinking about trying seroquel. Any comments?


Dont take seroquel. It can cause Diabetes. Dont take any of AD.
Take phosphatidylserin at higher dosage 400-500 mg.
Depression: stool test. A comprhensive one.


I would stay away from Seroquel as well, it’s got pretty bad side effects. Look up “atypical antipsychotic side effects”

One of the side effects is metabolic syndrome which is increases in lipids and insulin insensitivity.

If you want to try something, Abilify (aripiprazole) is on the lighter side in terms of side effects.