propecia and personality

when I was on propecia, I behaviored like a child. A lot of people said I was not mature for my age.

When children are becoming teenager their body start producing DHT,
so balding start and puberty is starting. their brain is modified because of hormones.

I am pretty sure that fina prevented me to have an adult personality
I had like a psychological regression

does anyone has this issue?

Similar age and had this, suppose if you inadvertently lose your libido it will have a knock on effect on your personality without you knowing why.
Loads feel more passive on it.
Has your personality recovered along with your sex drive?

I was like you but went back on and crashed. Feel like I’ve gone from gawky adolescent to grey haired old man with nothing in between.

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So you’re saying you’re not even balding anymore?


my personality has changed

I am off for 2 years and now nobody tells me I am like a little boy

I fell more mature, like a man. I can take choice. I can buy things I want

I still have baldness. I take only minoxidil

I can understand this from two perspectives. One being how hormones affect personality alone, and two how Propecia affects mood, cognition, and ability to feel emotions through direct mental side effects. Personality will definitely change on just one of those factors. Add lack of libido like mentioned above and you won’t be the same person, you’ll be a weaker more timid version.

It’s depressing dealing with this. I know personally I would like to make more real bonds and connections with many people in my life, but lack the fluidity and emotional intelligence we’re all born with. With less of a personality its a lot harder to form relationships, let alone romantic ones. But its just another bump in the road.

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you re right

I was more timid and much more unconfident

It was hard to talk to people and to find what to say
I had no need to talk to people and make new connections.
I was like static

something I was scared to talk to people.

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I am really struggling with these mood changes. Many people say that I am difficult to be around because I am either moody or depressed or totally lost in my own thoughts. I am also very aggressive… please help. does anything work?

Theanine is supposed to help some people feels calmer. It’s an amino acid.

Yes! I feel and act like a child since my crash. I am into gaming and nerd stuff ever since instead of being interested in woman.

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Same here… feel like i am a school boy who is pretty dumb in studies and gets bullied every now and then. No self esteem.

I was not like this before. Cant tell if it’s from fin pfs because I stopped fin in 2005 but had a huge crash in 2012 after smoking weed and got some medicine in the hospital that made me crash very bad. I think they gave me benzos to calm down.

Ever since my thinking is that of a small child. I cant think further than 5 minutes. Cant plan anything in life. Have no goals. No short term memory. Talking issues eg difficulty to find words. And deadly anxiety of woman.

It all got so much better with taking p5p, manganese and zinc (HPU disease but only known well in Europe). I felt like a normal man for couple months. Started approachinh women. But zinc makes me almost impotent so I stopped taking that. The symptoms got worse again for some reason I cant figured out.

I took antibiotics and think that’s the reason.