Propecia and 5-HTP

Does anyone have experience using 5-HTP either during and/or after quitting propecia? If so, did 5-HTP seem to magnify your issues? Please explain. Thank you!

I didn’t notice much of an effect but I was only taking 50mg. However one night I went out and had about 3 beers and took one before bed and I woke up feeling extremely sick and shakey in the middle of the night so I’d be careful with it


Interesting. I spoke with the lead toxicologist and doctor (Dr Gleich and Dr Naylor) who were directly involved with Eosinophilia Myalgia (EMS) patients due to L Tryptophan and 5-HTP. What’s interesting is the overlap behind EMS and PFS. EMS though seems to get worst over time with muscle related issues while PFS seems to get better with time. Dr Naylor told me that he thought my issues are directly related to PFS and that 5-HTP might have been the final thing that sent me over the top.

Stay away from 5-htp! It destroyed my life.


Also what brand did you take?

Wow, thanks for the warning.

I actually have some 5htp and some tryptophan that I have been too scared to try. I think I’ll put them both in the trash.

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Both gave me bad sides

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Shoot! My otc sleep med has l-tryptophan, melatonin, and valerian root. This sucks.

Everyone is different mate you may be ok, especially if you’ve been on it/them a while

What kind of reaction did you get from 5-HTP?

Worsening physcological symptoms or insomnia, irritability, anxiety, tears plus night sweats, dryer skin and dark urine

Gotcha. It seems the 5-HTP gave me muscular, digestive, and skin related issues. It’s really hard to tell though because I was on it for only three days while I was on propecia for eight years. Logic would seem to point towards propecia as the culprit however I’ll always be curious if 5-HTP was the catalyst. I’ll never know.

I also used 5htp before starting the symptoms

can be a common point between us

How many days? MGs? Which brand? Are you symptoms still ongoing?

Just tried 5 HTP and tryptophan last night and had shakes in the left hand this morning. My left hip is also sore this morning. Issues down the left hand side. Won’t be touching either again. Took 5 HTP in the day no reaction then today this. Before my latest crash I never had issues with either.
I’ve got issues taking 5 HTP - Trytophan - Melatonin. If someone has issues with one of these then they might not be able to consume all 3 and need to exclude foods high in 5 HTP - Trytophan which could over time permanently worsen symptoms.

Serotonin - Salmon - Eggs

Tryptophan - Turkey - Chicken - Spinach - Seeds - Soy - Cheese

Which part of the brain is responsible for these hormones and has it been permanently affected by PFS?

Does this reaction to 5 HTP mean we should avoid foods that increase serotonin naturally?

Feeling better after 5-HTP?

5-HTP is like Finasteride or Saw Palmetto! My life is fu**ed up because 5-HTP for only 9 days… Stay away from 5-htp!


Wow, thanks for the reminder.

I have some I need to throw away.

Burn it. It’s poison.

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