Propecia 10 years ago for 2 weeks, DHT out of range

Hi guys I’m 32 years old guy from Italy I have PSSD after adverse reactions of citalopram last december I don’t have any sexual problem before, today I have reduced strength of the erection and delayed ejaculation mainly.
But 10 years ago in 2004, I took finasteride for about 2 weeks together has a lotion with minoxil with topical antiandrogen, after two weeks, I stopped because I realized that would not work for hair and I realized that it was potentially really dangerous.
Since I have never had sexual problems before the adverse reaction to citalopram last December I took only 7 drops and after I stopped now I’m 9 months drug free.
Today I have withdrawn my blood test, I wanted to control the DHT because I thought that 10 years ago I took finasteride for two weeks, this is the result:

LH: 5,19 mUl/ml normal range 1,70 – 8,60 eclia

Estradiol 25,37 pg/ml normal range 7,63 – 42,6 eclia

Prolactin 353,8 pUl/ml normale range 86,00 – 324,00 eclia

TESTESTORENE 6,01 ng/ml normal range 2,50 – 8,36 eclia

Free Testosterone 20,8 pg/mal normal range 8,70 – 54,70 RIA

DHT diidrotestosterone 2.050 pg/ml noramal range 250,0 – 990,0 ELISA

TSH 4,02 pUl normal range 0,27 – 4,20 eclia

Cortisol 16,6 pg/dl normale range 4,5 – 22,7 CLIA

Today I call my endocrinologist I’m really afraid of the results of DHT, any advice?

I wanted to try Dostinex / Cabergoline to lower my prolactin and treat my PSSD, but it seems that Dostinex can raise the levels of DHT.
My endocrinologist told me not to worry about taking propecia for two weeks 10 years ago, that if I had not had any problems then, now probably my problems were due to adverse reaction to citalopram in December, Instead it seems that even the propecia 10 years ago did damage, only that it was silent, I have never taken anything belonging propecia for two weeks 10 years ago that could have messed up my DHT levels .
Monday will see the endocrinologist, I’ll see what he says.

I add my story with my symptom here.

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What specific drug did you use (finasteride, dutasteride, saw palmetto, isotretinoin/Accutane, fluoxetine, sertraline, citalopram, leuprorelin, etc…)? Finasteride for 2 weeks around 15 years ago, adverse reaction to 7 drops of Citalopram (single dose) 7 years ago

What dose did you take (eg. 1 mg/day, 1 mg every other day etc.)? 7 drops

What condition was being treated with the drug? hair loss finasteride, depression Citalopram

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I wrote this post despite having been a member of the board for 7 years, because I hadn’t done it before. The first two years of PSSD were pretty good for me, I was a bodybuilder I weighed 80kg for 1.74 cm height. Then I developed third degree hemorrhoids which forced me to stop weight training, and currently weighing 67kg, the hemorrhoids came after taking a neurologist-prescribed supplement with tryptophan and magnesium for nine days. Prescribed by an idiotic neurologist one month after the adverse reaction to Citalopram, when I saw it increased serotonin levels I threw it in the trash. However for two years I could continue to train and I was quite well, some days I forgot about PSSD. After developing third degree hemorrhoids I had to stop training. I took various medications to try to treat PSSD prescribed to me by an endocrinologist and urologist a few years ago They who believe in PSSD / PFS. Low dose HCG for one month, Cabargoline for high prolactin levels 0.5mg three times a week. I was relatively well overall, I work in the healthcare sector, even if it is difficult for me to continue working now, until two months ago. Two months ago during an eye examination to change the gradation of the glasses, the old ophthalmologist used drops of local anesthetic called Benoxinate (Oxybuprocaine) which now I know can block ion channels in a similar way to Citalopram. Dr David Healy speculates this as one of the causes of PSSD. After this drops I developed a pathology called central serous chorioretinopathy, now I am followed by a competent ophthalmologist who however says that I had this problem since before the drops. I also have neurological symptoms like hand and feet pins and needles and hot flashes, which I hope to resolve. Unfortunately we are sensitive to any drug, and any drug can cause us big problems, even a banal anesthetics. I have been a member of the board for a long time and today I wanted to share my story.

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Thank you for sharing @Luke83

Thursday I have to do the new blood tests, I hope the DHT is lowered, the other time it was lower, the prolactin was always a little higher. If it’s still high I think I’ll have to go back to my endocrinologist and do another cicle of Dostinex. My hyperprolactinemia appears to be induced by previous SSRI use.

I started training a bit with weights again, my ophthalmologist said I can do it. I went from 67 to 68 kg in a week, I increased my caloric intake a little, I am training lightly. For now things are going well, I just feel a little tension in my head, maybe it is the effect of the eye drops that the old ophthalmologist used two months ago that he still has to be disposed of completely.

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