Prominent skin “lines” - Penis

Does anyone else here have something like some prominent skin “lines” under the skin of the penis? Every month I notice a different one, and this is scaring me. I have something like 6 lines on the left side of the penis. All prominent.

Just an update. It seems that this is something rare called “Mondor’s disease”. In this study there is a photo that looks like my case. I still don’t understand the correlation of this with erectile dysfunction, but I saw that it usually happens after vigorous sexual acts. In fact, I was hypersexual and always abused Cialis, even pre-pfs, unnecessarily. I always masturbated a lot too, sometimes with the shorts half down, pressing the base of my penis. I’ve always done this since I was a kid. I fear that 5ari was just a catalyst for my condition. I may have even had priapism without realizing it.

i’ve had this since my first crash 9 years ago. i always thought it was diffuse fibrosis because i have a slight curve and my right hand side is much less full than the left, and slightly indented.

i was reading @numbduck’s member story and saw he mentioned it so looked into it.

really glad this is apparently benign. however, most sources say it should resolve itself after 6 or so weeks. i’ve had it for 9 years now, so that’s bullshit.

problematically, i’ve been using a pump to slow down fibrosis since my curve seems to be worsening. which is probably making the thrombosis worse. so it’s a catch 22, do i let the peyronie’s or the thrombosis get worse?

anyone else have this?

It looks exactly like the penis in this photo for about a year.
Then I feel that the speed at which the penis becomes smaller has increased.
My penis is as small as an elementary school student.