Not sure if this helps… but the more info the better maybe?

my brother and my cousin both had Prolactinoma… maybe that makes me more prone to problems with finasteride?

im sure Dr Jacobs will ask for an MIR for me…

i cant believe i am actually hoping for a tumor on my pituitary gland…

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Interesting thread, has anyone been able to get an MRI recently to rule this out? I had my prolactin tested a while ago and it was in range but I’m thinking the blood test doesn’t actually show anything. I’ve been getting constant headaches none stop around 6 months ago that continues today I’m wondering if my prolactin has gone up during this time.

Been there. 21 years old and wishing for a brain tumor to be found so there would be an end to my misery. My uncle had a prolactinoma and was one of the first to be treated with bromocriptine. It was a miracle for him. My prolactin was a little high for a time but nowhere near typical prolactinoma levels and nothing was found on the MRI.

@AaronF, you might as well ask to get it tested. Considering the headaches, have you ever addressed the possibility of intracranial hypertension?

Been there too. I got tested for Entamoeba histolytica and I was practically begging god that I had a parasitic infection. No such luck.

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Haven’t thought of intracranial hypertension I’ll look into that though.

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