Progesterone the key


as i continue on with my recovery I realize that xyrem will only take me so far. It has helped me tremendously in terms of being able to function again, and also has brought me back sexually maybe not 100% probably around 70-80, but it’s made a world of difference with that as well. Anyway, I’m here to raise a question/theory paul walters brought up that the more i look into i highly agree with. Firstly, many guys here including myself have high progesterone or high normal progesterone blood results while some also have low progesterone etc. I think the main issue at hand is before we all jump the gun and try to do whatever it takes to lower it we have to ask the question as to why it is high to begin with. First, off I feel whether progesterone is high or low for any guy the bottom line is our body is trying to produce it for some purpose and is trying to tell us something. as all know finasteride disrupts the progesterone/allo-preg synthesis in the brain. Many men report lousy sleep while taking finasteride that remains when coming off. In my experience with finasteride my first couple nights on it I was sleeping fine, in fact I was getting great sleep only to have it come to a head one night where I literally felt like my body wasn’t asleep when it really was, it’s a hard feeling to describe but some users on here may be able to relate to it. and as the story goes my sleep since finasteride hasn’t been the same since. also right away from finasteride i was chemically castrated which upon ceasing did improve, but I also was affected with ed that got worse as this went along. I’ve been trying to piece it all together over the course of the past year, but just recently came across a study that tied it together just bare with me.

The typical profiles of many guys on here are as follows: High progesterone (sometimes low as well), low fsh and lh, low testosterone, and high or low seemingly varying levels of dht. Now this study or more of a thesis ties it all together: … d_RVDocSum

it states progesterone is not only a key hormone in men for sleep and other organ system functions, but also spermogenisis, and even testosterone production as well. and guess what it’s mediated by…5AR!

To me this would mean that not only is 5AR crucial to the progesterone synthesis process of various processes, but it also serves as it’s regulator. When 5AR is present in full the brain/body are able to function fine with everything working. Now enter finasteride something that takes 5AR out of the equation let’s look at what this does and what happened to us.

since 5AR is a crucial part of so many progestin conversions and it’s mediator making sure it’s functioning properly, there are various progestin process ie sleep, spermogenisis, immune function, behavior, testosterone synthesis, etc that aren’t happening as smoothly due to 5AR being cut off etc. However, the brain doesn’t understand that 5AR has been cut off simply by finasteride and all it sees are these vital bodily processes not functioning properly so in turn it raises progesterone production from the adrenals. So the adrenals get chronically taxed from having to keep churning out progesterone to keep up with the lack of 5AR that they eventually give out and get fatigued. This reaction also leads to the body taking away from other sex hormones to keep producing progesterone at the levels it needs to. When the user stops taking fin 5AR comes back, but the brain still doesn’t realize that and stays with the reaction that progesterone needs to be raised so in turn the adrenals get possibly even further fatigued from pumping it out. With low reserves of progesterone to go around since the adrenals are too fatigued etc obviously bodily functions that depend on it can’t function as well ie the low lh and fsh, the low testosterone, the out of bounds estrogen (as progesterone counters estrogen), behavior, sleep, sexual function the list goes on. Now I think cortisol gets raised as well be it because of the initial reaction from the chronic raise of progesterone or the long term lack of sleep so that further hurts the situation.

With me the xyrem isn’t improving 5AR i feel, it’s putting me into stage 3 and 4 sleep taking the stress off my adrenals that keep having to produce progesterone day in and day out at a chronic rate just to get me by. Based on this I feel that the key isn’t trying to lower progesterone when it’s high, progesterone isn’t the bad guy here, the key actually is supplementing with progesterone so that we can take the load off of the adrenals because they need to recover from the chain reaction finasteride caused. It doesn’t matter if it’s high or low because the reserves are low and the adrenals are overworked in the process. take it for what it’s worth but i think this is a pretty big time theory. paul walters suggested supplementing with 5g of progesterone, but i’m hoping he meant 5mg because there’s no possible way anyone especially a guy would need 5g. I plan on supplementing with it and seeing what the effects are as I feel its key.


in essence the difference between guys who get sides and quit and go on with life and guys like us is basically when 5AR returns the adrenals and body is able to adjust back to normal levels and functioning. With guys like us when 5AR does come back the brain doesn’t realize this and continues to pump out excess progesterone depleting the adrenals in the process.


just my personal story :

a doctor gave me some progesterone to take (100 mg every other day)

first pill : I felt nothing
second pill : I had horror pain in my pelvic area, the same kind of pain of the first days of finasteride, but even more potent. So I cut it off immediatly.

2 weeks after I cut off I decided to test progesterone and it was 0.88 (0.25-0.56). Was it the two pills of progesterone I took or do I have normal high progesterone I do not know

So what to think about it ?
100 mg is too much ? is my case different ? Again I dont know, I just wanted to report.


Why supplement with progesterone if it’s already high? Isn’t it a female hormone? What’s the relationship between progesterone and prolactin?
My understanding is that you can get gyno from progesterone, e2 and prolactin. And don’t bodybuilders get “deca dick” from extremely hight progesterone?


about progesterone… take a look at my last exams (i’ve got the results today)!


The type of 5AR inhibited by finasteride (type II) is not the type which is present in the nervous system and serving other functions (type I), is it? Or does it even matter? Someone said before that the rats/mice in studies linking finasteride with allopregnanolone/GABA issues had 5AR type II in the nervous system and brain to create it unlike the type I in humans. I thought I would pose an inquiry in attempt to be clear about that.

Either way, the subtle difference between types of an enzyme is dangerous enough, and its clear many have been profoundly effected in this way, but I’m definitely in pursuit of proof of this action in us. The closest I’ve seen is the statement from this report stating "“blocking DHT synthesis in the brain like this also blocks allopregnanolone production there”. Then again, I haven’t read EVERYTHING… hard to with cognitive issues for a good while now…


With all hormones you put in your body you surpress your own, so there is some logic to it take progesterone to surpress your own?


I actually think this report is only alluding to Progesterone being synthesized by 5AR to produce neurosteroids, not that 5AR is responsible for Progesterone.

I may be missing something, but reducing 5 alpha-reduced Progesterone would be the only direct effect of finasteride, exactly like DHT (presuming, of course, that it is the same type of 5AR… still haven’t had that question answered). Now perhaps this action may bring about accumulation of Progesterone since it isn’t being converted, but I don’t see where it states that 5AR regulates Progesterone.


Finasteride does not block Progesterone synthesis – it blocks the 5AR-derived metabolites dihydroprogesterone and Allopregnanolone.


See page 3 of PDF for diagram.


like nobody,i still don’t know if ithappens’s theory is right, but believe me…I’ m on my ghb routine and it helps,but from 10 days i added pregnenolone and I’ve never been like this in the last 3,5 years…i mean,i still have issues but my friends it’s really different in term of sleeping and getting it up and mood too…

so,i would like to stay on pregnenolone cream more time on my 5mg per day so that i ll noT have sides(i hope)…but from what my experience is ,I can say that pregnenolone/progesterone are the root of all hormones after colesterol and I really feel it,i can feel the old times,been horny and getting it hard…I repeat,still not 100% but going to the right way . I also want to have an eavymetal bloodtest like someone said on the recovery section .



are you still on progestrone?
how long did you use it?
what is your conclusion?



I think this exactly what is happening. Started to think about this cos I have highish progesterone. And because progesterone is converted via 5AR to neurosteroids/allopregnenolone?

Whats the most effective ways to lower progesterone?