Progesterone Pregnenolone

Has anyone tried these as therapies? I read a lot about how they are related to T and DHT. Precursors to T. Downregulated cortisol production line.
I tested on the low end for progesterone. Low testosterone for my age. Pregnenolone 84 ng/dl

Im at the point where I cant fight my suicidal thoughts anymore.
Time feels like its not on my side anymore and I need to take action towards fixing this.
I took a quick fix pill I think its only right if I put in some effort to try to reverse what I did to myself.

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Look at what you’re eating mate it could be adding to your problems. My suicidal thoughts, anxiety, irritability etc etc were raging and things felt out of control. Elimination of so many foods has put things mostly on an even keel. My baseline is now very low but the eratic chaotic extremes have all but gone

I think (I’m not a doctor neither have I tried it myself yet) that Progesterone can be beneficial in some PFS patients.

But taking it will give negative feedback to your HPG axis, which will lower T for example. This is why I don’t recommend it for anyone who is not on some type of TRT or HRT.

Pregnenolone however I would stay away from. The risk of it synthesis into DHEA and then into estrogens is quite high in males (at least healthy males according to science).

I can attest to exogenous DHEA increasing E2 level. I witnessed this first-hand. Moreover, I would be cautious about starting Pregnenolone due to HPA negative feedback loop.

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What’s your diet like now/which foods were triggers for you?

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My diet was extremely healthy I lived on fruit, veg, salad and lean protein. Every two/ three days I was having extremely severe symptoms and was falling asleep after eating. All of this was not long after I discovered PFS. The healthier I ate the worse I got, for instance I increased the amount of raw veg I ate. I would like awake in bed I’d get angry for no reason is be afraid to talk to people etc. I began to eliminate food and would notice an immediate improvement and feel great then things would drop back. The only foods that don’t hurt me are potatoes and steak. I also eat gluten free cornflakes, set plain yoghurt “which can make me feel cold” chicken which bring on night sweats occasionally, cod and seabass are ok and tomatoes. I have the odd banana. I drink lots of water. 5ar foods blow me into another world even in small amounts same goes for plant based foods even more when I ate them regularly. It’s very hard living on limited food but the alternative is hell. It’s definitely worth seeing if foods cause problems. Sensitivities only kicked in after years of PFS but for some it can be early on.