Problems pooping collagen related?

Hey guys so over the past few months i noticed my butthole has completely seizing up. It protrudes out and its sealed like for knox. Its riddled with internal hemorrhoids that are blocking the passage and i can not pass stools. Whne i can they are very very skinny or like a dark oily diarrhea.I dont even get the feeling of ever having to shit. When i do shit my butthole looks like cauliflower its pretty hideous. Went to emerg cause i hadnt shit in a week at the dr wouldnt even look and said to eat more fiber. Problem is fiber collects stools and makes them fuller which is harder to pass! Because of the gut brain connection this is fucking me up really bad. It was never this bad before i started to eat ghee maybe it swelled everything up? Ghee helps me tremendously but then crashed me and my skin is already so loose i think the make up of my internal organs is too. So its loose rectum walls and internal hemmerhoids making my life even more hell right now. Does anyone else have any expeeince with this? Last 2 dr visits they said to eat more fiber and im like no mfer that’s not it!!! Had anyone had butt surgery before? Im pretty nervous this is colon cancer (it killed my grandma when she was late 40s) i tell ya this life never gets easier. Having some truly dark days wondering why i cant catch a break. I knida want them to scoop all my guts and butt out and just give me a ostomey bag it might be better than dealing my broken digestion and clogged butt

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Sorry mate i have no answers however I’ve had this in the past but it comes and goes so I’d say I’m quite fortunate. I know in my particular case it was more prevalent when I consumed lots of fruit, veg and salad. I have to avoid these now for many reasons. I hope you get a break or an answer from someone on here as I know how serious things are for you. Best of luck. This is one hideous disease.

You appear to have a bad case of gut dysbiosis with tendency for IBS-C. I’ve been there myself and suffered extreme constipation to the point that I developed a bleeding anal hematoma, extreme anal itchiness and fissures. I thought these were symptoms of anal cancer. It was hell on earth! Turns out I had severe gut dysbiosis due to taking several antibiotics coupled with slow gut motility. It took me a while to fix it.

For now, stop ALL supplements.

What did you do to better it? I only take magnesium and zinc

Its horrendous man and only getting worse :frowning: whats your diet like?

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Sorry to hear that. I’ve gone from an extremely healthy diet for normal people to trying to get by/ reduce symptoms on live yoghurt and gluten free bran flakes for breakfast. White fish, boiled potatoes, steak and lots of filtered water. One day per week I will incorporate some veg and salad to try to get wider minerals and vitamins but doubt I absorb them anyway. Wheat, sugar, pasta, microwave, processed foods are a no no Best of luck.

I did a series of antibacterial herbs/spices (oil of oregano; cumin; neem; triphala; thyme vulgaris) then course of probiotics (mutaflor; align) and bovine colostrum. Also healthy clean diet with plenty of fiber and water. Hope you get well.

This is pretty much what I had, with emphasis on the itching. The itching gave me crazy anxiety. I had testing done for parasites, candida, had stool testing done, had a colonoscopy, everything normal This was the only testing the Canadian Healthcare provided through visits with a gp which isn’t very thorough imo. I should have done comprehensive testing and I recommend doing that. I believe it to be a bad case of ibs, inflammation caused by a bacterial overgrowth , a bacteria a super bug that is very resilient and untreatable with antibiotics. I tried everything under the sun and saw loads of doctors, my gp finally told me you have ibs and ssris will help, I had no other choice I was really sick, I waited years avoiding antidepressants. So I took prozac and within days everythin was back to normal in the digestion department which was incredible to be regular again. No itching having healthy bowel movement, no inflamed turned inside out but hole, no bleeding. I stopped though because the other side effects of the medication became too strong but the digestive benefits have remained. Since stopping my bowel movements are mostly regular , still have itching but when I pass gas the itching stops. I take small amounts of cal mag butyrate to keep regular, eat prebiotics in the form of actual food and limit sugar in junk food form. My digestion is not 100 but its way better than it was a year ago. Hope this helpe

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I can only imagine the hell you’ve been through @betweenjobs ! Yes the itchiness part made me insane! I too had colonoscopy done and did both rifaximin and fluconazole as per doctor’s directions. It was likely SIBO from impaired gut motility. I saw another GI doctor who pushed for SSRIs but I refused. My BMs, along with bloating and flatulence, are largely normalized after doing loads of pre and pro biotics but I still think my gut needs a lot of work. It’s influencing my immune system, which behaves irrationally sometimes and give me inflammatory symptoms including itchy skin, nasal congestion, tinnitus, headaches and terrible mood. I noticed symptoms are worst upon wakeup and lessen later in the day.

I’m now experimenting with the following:
Garlic, Onion, Bimuno, Thorn FiberMend, Cocoa, Mushrooms, Nuts and veggies.