Prisoner's Dilemma

@silenceispink made a really good post on reddit. I’m going to share it below.

Prisoner’s Dilemma is defined as: “A paradox in decision analysis in which two individuals acting in their own self-interests do not produce the optimal outcome.”

Unfortunately, trying to fix our own individual cases is likely not going to work. Treatments and supplements are experimental at best, and harmful at worst. The current state of PFS is not unlike the prisoner’s dilemma. If we collaborate, we’ll get out of this faster. A great way to do this is with our Iatrogenic Fundraising group. The only criteria is that you donate what you can, monthly. Every last penny helps and there’s no such thing as “not enough.”

Additionally, if you can’t donate, consider speaking on the Moral Medicine channel. We are looking for patients to speak out about their experience. I know a lot of people are embarrassed in regard to speaking out, but we really need more people to do this. People can’t really empathize with a group of guys on a forum, but they will empathize with real, human beings telling their story.

The faster we do these things the faster we get out of this hell.


The only good think of this disease is this community, people like you, the admins of this website. Thanks for fighting for the common benefit. I cant fight like you because my situation is bad…but I have peace of mind knowing that there are people like you trying to generate funds for studies, you don’t know how much peace of mind that gives me.

I Hope to recover a bit so i can also can help you not only with money. We need to push, you’re right. Its the only way…

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Thanks for your kind words. It would be fantastic if you would consider doing a video for our channel?

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Thanks for sharing, Erik. We need all hands on deck people!