Prime Editing: Is this (part of) the magic bullet?

For all those who believe that genetics play a key role in (our predisposition for) PFS (etc.), here is an article about a quite interesting development in the area of gene editing:

Of course, for this to be useful we would need to know which genes need editing. That’s where the focus of future scientific efforts must lie imo.


Well hopefully future endeavors go faster than the current ones…I am 42 now and have had pfs since I was 38…So I figure in 30 years I will be 72 and all my family will be dead because I have no children…Maybe in 30 years they could help to make the testosterone work correctly in your body but be an old man by then…


As the cliche’d expression goes, “sometimes you can’t control the cards you’ve been dealt but you can control how you play the hand.”

While there’s no way “out” for us, I believe we can play our hands in a way where our lives improve. We can do this as we wait for and hope for a better hand to be dealt.

@awor once the axolotl research paper is done, do we start fundraising?

Any other angles we have to secure money to start finding the information we need?

Straight from Baylor themselves…

This systematic investigation will help identify the genetic footprint of PFS and the array of deregulated androgen dependent functions.

This study will elucidate the hormonal, genetic and epigenetic molecular mechanisms of the PFS.

Baylor should have already zeroed in on which genes are silenced and/or susceptible genes/SNPs. If that is the case then someone with PFS will have to be the guinea pig and make an appointment at a shady lab in China and have them edit the pinpointed genes and/or de-methylate them (assuming that is the case) - unless we want to wait a decade for formal treatment studies.


When was this written by Baylor? When they started the study?

Has this text been used again by the recently?

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I believe this was written at the inception of the study.

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from what @axolotl and awor said, we still have to do more tests to find the exact genes.

i dont think thats what baylor is looking for in this test.

could be wrong

Yes. I dont understand what the point is of trying to copy what Baylor should have already achieved with a less useful 23 and me test? Is it because moderators do not trust the results of Baylor? Is it because its something different than Baylor? The 23andme test only covers a small part of the genome as far as I understand it. Whats the point?


That is true

It actually covers a large portion of the genome in small bits.

A commonly-used analogy:

Sequencing can be compared to reading a book, or pages from a book, and genotyping, like 23andMe, can be compared to finding what word lies at a certain position, on a certain line, on a certain page, and trying to surmise the story from that information.


Can a 23andme analysis already be run? If an inadequate number of files have been submitted, what number of data files will prove sufficient before something meaningful can be drawn?

Awor has said at least 50 more, ideally 100 more.

When will Baylor study be released anyway? It should have been released…


One simply doesn’t ask when Baylor will release…