Primary Care Doctor: Looking for advice from longer term patients

Made my first member post about a week ago. I have an appt with my Primary Care Physician (PCP - GP for UK folk I believe). Looking for some general guidance here:

I have never consistently gone for physicals (like most 20-somethings men). But now I’d like to to monitor how PFS is impacting my health in other ways. The specialists I’ve seen have all acknowledged PFS, and while they have not exactly been helpful, they have also not dismissed me.

HOWEVER, my PCP knows nothing about this. My questions are as follows:

  1. How do I explain it to him and what studies do I bring with me?
  2. What health issues should I ask him to specifically be on the look out for (as opposed to specialists)?
  3. What might I expect him to identify and if treatment options are proposed, what medications should I be wary of?
  4. Any other advice re. how to monitor general health while coping with PFS?

Also, as another question- I’ve searched the forum for this but would still welcome advice from longer term patients: Is Cialis generally well tolerated by PFS folks? Or should I avoid this? I’ve only taken a handful to date. Not enough to determine how effective it is for me yet.

Thank you.

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On the advice of others, I never bothered following up with my primary about PFS. My urologist I continue to see every 6 months. She has been acknowledging of PFS, although doesn’t have much to offer obviously.

I’ve taken the approach of just doing the regular sensible check-ups that before PFS, when I took my health for granted, I probably would’ve skipped.

That means seeing the dentist regularly, eye exams, etc. And my urologist has been extremely helpful with referrals where I need them.

Other than that, check my member story for more details. I’ll update that again in a few months.