Prematurity and Head Injuries

Just out of curiosity, was anyone else born prematurely? Has anyone had any head injuries?

I was curious, because I remember reading someone’s idea that perhaps having a previous head injury might increase the risk of developing PFS. I wonder if having conditions that are known for increasing the risk of cognitive symptoms might factor into this.

I had head injuries just mild but Mark Gordon told me every single patient he has of pfs had a previous Tbi of some sort.

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Please help me out (and maybe someone else) by explaining what the letters mean the first time it’s used in a topic.

I think it means “traumatic brain injury”

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Born at 6 months. And add brain injuries because of … very bad parenting.
I don’t think there is a link with pfs though.


Interesting. Wonder if this could be factor then. Maybe our brains have trouble regulating androgens in some fashion.

I had a tbi in 2008 but already had pfs