Premature ejaculation


Currently the worst problem i have is premature ejaculation. In the last period as soon as i achieve the erection i have a strong feeling to ejaculate (not always but quite often), if i kept on masturbating even for 2 seconds more i would ejaculate. I have a strange feeling just beneath the base of the penis when in erection, it is not a pain or a burning, i can’t desribe it properly, i am just able to compare it to the feeling you have when you really need to pee, and for a little time after ejaculating (half an hour?) i feel something “wrong” in that part under the base of the penis, then the feeling dies away. On the contrary the urinary issues i had for 3/4 months between december and march are not present anymore. What can the root of the problem be? How can i try to work it out? Because apart from that i think i am quite ok, well i take more drugs than cyclists but a pfs suffere just need to feel good either with or without drugs, that is not so important now.


I think its the damn prostate. I dont feel that burning senstation from under the penis. I have a big big problem with premature ejaculation



Actually in the last days premature ejaculation seems to have disappeared or rather fainted. It was not a burning the feeling i had, as i wrote above it is similar to the feeling you have when you need to pee, and i don’t think it involves prostate, prostate is closer to the anus than to the penis, my strange feeling was just at the base of the penis.


I once tested this and I could come in a minute or so when masturbating. LOL.


We have literally the exact same symptom! Please contact with me if you are still there?


Yeah i don’t have the burning sensation under my penis too. It was a pleasurable feeling. Now it feels more cold and fast to orgasm.