Premature ejaculation treatments

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Check this out:

It talks about using tylenol/paracetamol to treat PE along with dextromethorphan, a cough suppressant, and also a beta blocker low dose to good effect.

Curious what you guys think!

Are you serious?

Tylenol alone rots the liver.

i am serious

can you point me to some studies showing tylenol is liver dangerous and at what dosages?

i understand that they are not good for the liver, but so are all other meds we take to a degree, they all impact the liver

so please point me to studies, i am scared of the side fx though

Just do a google search for Tylenol and liver. You don’t need me to fish out studies. It affects the cytochrome p450 enzyme. Here’s a quick fact sheet from a hep C support network.

Is Premature Ejaculation a part of PFS?

I know that I have been cuming faster without the pleasure that accompanies release since dropping Fin.

Any solutions?

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Since Finasteride this has been a problem for me and others – ejaculation often within 1-2 mins tops. I’ve even ejaculated while flaccid both on and since being off the drug. This never occurred before usage, never even thought it was possible.

Before Fin I could last at least 10 mins of rigourous sex without issue. Now its almost too easy to blow as soon as you get going, without the pleasurable high of orgasm.


I don’t know about Tylenol, but there are some creams and pills that can possibly help you. When I was getting off I had the same problem, I would get it done under 25 seconds:( My best advice is to consult with your urologist before trying anything crazy. Most of the time you just need to relax.

Read these materials - it should give you a better idea of what you need:
MSNBC New Drug
Help with Ejaculation Control

i took tylenol PM one day before i went to sleep, woke up 3 hours later feeling the most depressed i ever in my entire life, literally no emotion… it scared me to death. went back to sleep and felt better the next day, but continued waking up every night in my sleep for the next 3 or 4 days then sleep went back to normal… not sure what happened or what it did, but it triggered something bad…

I am a bit surprised that you think premature ejaculation is part of PFS. As I lack sensitivity at my glans I can hardly feel sexual intercourse or masturbation. Hence, it is really hard to ejaculate.

Mew, you told me that you also have penile insensitivity. If you don’t feel much, how could you ejaculate too early.

Before finasteride, my glans was so sensitive that I ejaculated rather earlier than late. I think this is common with many guys in their twenties.

My experience says that premature ejaculation could be part of pfs, having a not full erection could bring premature ejaculation, it is more difficult to control it.

Weaker prostate maybe

In my situation, I actually had pretty bad PE before finsateride. It’s actually pretty embarressing to say that sometimes i could barely last 1-2 minutes. I even had situations where i’d be on the verge or orgasm before entering. Yes, i was that excited pre finasteride :blush:

In the 9 months post crash, i also had PE, though not as bad as pre-fin due to loss of sensitivity. However, when i had some form of temporary recovery around 9 months off, some things change in my body: Coupled with much improved eyesight & digestion (on both i now barely have issues) i can now also last much longer during sex, easily 5-10 minutes. No idea what to make of it, but i think the prostate is heavily involved. I think that this gland is very sensitive and can evolve and change form seemingly overnight and causes some of the genital symptoms we experience

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my situation was similar to yours. Pre-finasteride I was also so excited that I also had premature ejaculation often. Post-finasteride I couldn’t even feel penetrating a girl (I really have to look if I penetrated her or not!). Hence I could last much longer - provided that I can maintain my erection. I sometimes cannot even ejaculate due to the lack of sensitivity.

Pre-finasteride, e.g. alcohol helped a lot to prevent premature ejaculation. Post-finasteride, drinking alcohol makes it nearly impossible for me to ejaculate.

i have to say that it is not as you say, or rather in my case it is not as you say. From this experience i’ve learnt that sexual health is just one, there is just one problem. When i have good erections penis is bigger, and i don’t ejaculate so fast. When i have weak erections penis is smaller and i eajculate very soon, sometimes i can’t even control ejaculation, i can also cum when penis is barely erected. I’ve never suffered from p.e. before fina, it doesn’t matter how excited you feel, ejaculation is not connected with it, in my case at least.

The Tylenol and other meds they mentioned help premature ejaculation because they are COX-2 inhibitors. COX-2 inhibitors inhibit Protaglandin E2. This is the mechanism in which it helps. I personally did not notice, much help with any COX-2 inhibitors as far as erection strength or PE.

However, alpha-1 blockers and consciously not allowing myself to clench or flex my periuneum during masturbation and sex completely rids of my premature ejaculation.

I have made a thread on both alpha-1 blcokers (which nobody seems interested in) and also on pelvic floor issues.

Mew do you feel a heaviness in your bladder or base of the penis just before the orgasm especially during real sex? Whenever i go a little fast and speed up during sex in order to please my gf, i came immediately. If i go slow, very slow. I can last longer. It’s so weird, i feel like my penis tilts my prostate to cum. Do you have any theories for this problem? What is the reason? Hormonal, i don’t think so?

i think mew is not active anymore in this forum unfortunately


Can anyone give a scientific theory about PE and PFS?

I’ve seen a theory on another forum, I’ll try to find it

The premature ejaculation could be from too low histamine levels.

Histamine receptor could be super sensitive, and then during sex , histamine gets released and boom reaction.

if NADPH is low, this would decrease tetrafolate and this will lower histidine.

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very nice, before i had mild PE but now i come after a few seconds. very nice …

My dick always seems overstimulated after a few minutes. My sensivity is pretty good, but its like my brain is far from orgasm but my dick is done after 3 minutes.

Also I dont get how these guys in porn can fuck so fast without a condom and dont cum. If I do this its basically over in a minute.

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