so i ear more and more evidence about it connected to pfs, and it has a lot of benefits.
what do you think about that?


When I take a dose of oral pregnenolone, it produces a feeling of “fullness” that has been lost since i started fin. But if 5ar-enzyme remains unfunctional, pregnenolone does not metabolite correctly and causes symptoms propably linked to increase in estrogen (ED symptoms, feeling of pressure in penile root). Pregnenolone is also a GABA-A antagonist, which means it has a kind of “anti-sedative” psychological effect. Normally, if 5ar-enzyme is working properly, pregnenolone is metabolized to many other neurosteroids, including GABA-A agonistic allopregnenolone, whichs sedative effect subverts the anti-sedative effect of pregnenolone.

However, i’ve noticed that a 5ar-booster, Phospatidyl Serine dosed some 200-300 mg a day, does something good in my body. When i take phospatidyl serine alone, it feels like it’s restoring normal functions. If I take it after a testosterone booster, i feel definite DHT-effects. If I take it with pregnenolone, it provides A LOT better outcome than pregnenolone alone.
I think the shut-down of 5ar-functions many of us experience are also responsible of the decrease of pregnenolone, because phospatidyl serine alone seems to produce many of the same psychological effects that pregnenolone does. It’s like our bodies are trapped in a stress-reaction cycle known as “pregnenolone steal”

I don’t know how many of us have similar symptoms with me, but to me the “intoxicating” effect of finasteride seems quite similar with stress reaction:

Also the fact that a licorice root extract, which increases cortisol, makes me feel like shit, suggests that my cortisol levels are already high (cortisol elevate in stress-reaction).

Whenever i’ve took 200-300 mg of phospatidyl serine a day, i’ve experienced significant improvement within a couple of days. When i run out, i crash hard.

My life has been a mess so i’ve never tested this properly nor have any lab-results of my hormone profile (although i’m finally scheduled to a doctors appointment and am going to get some tests done). Low dose of pregnenolone cream daily with 300 mg of Phospatidyl Serine daily is surely my next attempt to recover. I’m starting this as soon as my orders arrive and will let you people know if it’s working.
Hopefully pregnenolone cream is more bioavailable than tablet form, because tablets only seem to work when taken rarely.

Anyways, pregnenolone does work at least for me, and definitely does remind me of something that i once was a long time ago. I also highly recommend phospatidyl serine to anyone experiencing fatigue and ED-problems.


Just to update: The brand of phospatidyl serine i have used, has obviously changed their manufacturing procedure since the liquid gelcaps are more yellowish than before. The good ones were darkish brown. These new yellow pills don’t work for me. Got to send some customer feedback to manufacturer.

Also: Pregnenolone cream doesn’t seem to absorb any better than pills. I do not notice any effect using it, even at a dose of 60mg.

So no help for me so far… blah.

Has anyone else noticed better absorption using skin-creamed pregnenolone than oral pills?


I took pregnenolone pills for a bit but then I realized according to my bloodwork I already have preg coming out of my ears so I thought it was redundant and stopped. Didn’t notice any changes while taking it though.


It definitely has a calming effect at 25mgs per day. Do not experiment with larger doses as it converts to other hormones (allo, dhea) and causes further imbalance.
I would like to see the results of 25mgs a day for 1-2 months with only preg. Maybe someone who tried this could inform us.


Calming effect? For me it’s the complete opposite, I get very energetic and can’t sleep while on it.

Thats’s most likely the reason why.


Has anyone else here tried Pregnenolone cream ?


Interesting article I found on pregnenolone.


I’m getting pretty decent results on 10 mg a day preg currently. Been taking it a week and I’ve noticed an increase in fatigue and brain fog symptoms. Sexual symptoms remain the same though.


Increase on fatigue???


Sorry that was worded weirdly, I meant an increase or improvement on those symptoms. Whose to say if it will keep up, plenty of people say stuff stops working after a few weeks but I’m feeling a lot better than my baseline currently


Just want to update that I’m still doing 10mg preg a day and my brain fog and fatigue symtoms are greatly improved while on it. I skipped a day last weekend and woke up feeling like shit so it is doing something for me.


What brand are you taking? Thanks


Hey there, it’s Pure Encapsulations -…

I wanted to start my own topic on this actually. I’ve been taking this stuff once a day for 2 weeks or so now and it is doing wonders for my fatigue symptoms. I forgot what it was like to feel this refreshed and energized. It isn’t doing anything for my sexual symptoms and my brain fog is still debilitating on certain days but I can actually make it through the day without coffee or feeling like I need to nap. Today I added 5mg dhea from the same manufacturer but haven’t noticed any additional benefits.

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