Pregnenolone - what has been your experience???

Italysideffect also told me that pregnenolone may have played a big part in his recovery.

I have tried the life flo pregnenolone:

The first time I tried it for 5 days and as I came off it I felt very good for a couple of days, but the benefits stopped there. I also tried it recently and it hasn’t done much.

Head over to crisler’s forum if you want advice on how to get pharmaceutical grade stuff in the US. I believe that pregnenolone is worth trying for anyone with PFS issues.

What brand of pregnenolone did big softie and JN use?

You may also want to look into the use of progesterone.

Took the cream, life flo
Worked my way up to 100mg
Took for 3-4 days
Done no good, made ed worse and made it impossible to ejaculate
Was taking it on its own

For people using pregnenolone on an extended basis, I would suggest keeping a close eye on bloodwork/hormone levels. While pregnenolone may help to increase levels of some neurotransmitters, pregnenolone can also convert into numerous hormones, including estrogen. Pregnenolone supplementation is not an exact science and the conversion rate of pregnenolone to various metabolites can vary.

Amazing in the beginning but after three days the effects wore off

Never took Pregnenolone but had bloodwork done at 8 months off drug that showed out of range HIGH Pregnenolone levels. Despite this, still suffered from numerous PFS symptoms.

In other words, a high level of pregnenolone didn’t do anything for me.

Mew why is it that your hormones are all absolutely perfect when everyone elses has abnormalities… Makes me wonder sometimes…

Toadstool, how can you say out of range HIGH pregnenolone is perfect?

Not sure what you are talking about, according to my last round of tests a few years back, my hormones were far from perfect. My Excel file comparison: download/file.php?id=92

Also, elevated pregnenolone is correlated with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (ie, from birth). Not saying I have that obviously, however ELEVATED OUT OF RANGE pregnenolone is not necessarily a positive sign.

end of December 2010
Situation: brain fog, depression, anxiety, insomnia, extreme fatigue, frequent urination, ED, shrinkage, penile insensitivity, watery/little/weak ejaculate, joint pain, and such a shyness that I could not look at people in the eye. I’m sure I’m forgetting other sides. I’ve taken a blood test, then started “some” TD pregnenolone.
Taken 30 mg of TD pregnenolone twice a day. All sides gone for 5 days, Feeling 95% pre-fin for 5 days. Then, it stopped working, although I got rid of the brain fog and anxiety here. Taken a blood test and a saliva test which showed that my cortisol increased but my thyroid hormones decreased*. In practice, pregnenolone alone failed to completely boost my metabolism.

January 2011
Boosting pregnenolone with replacement doses of up to 1000 mg per day (homemade TD pregnenolone). Nothing really changes (still high cortisol symptoms)

February 2011
Taken a blood test and started some T3. All sides gone for 2 days, and then fell to low cortisol symptoms!

May 2011
After playing for months with T3, some T4, and pregnenolone/progesterone, I realized that I was swinging between low cortisol and high cortisol symptoms. Taken a blood test and a saliva test which showed good thyroid levels, good pregnenolone levels, too high cortisol, too low testosterone.

June 2011
I started boosting T with maca and nettle roots and I have been feeling pretty damn good. My body tried to “crash” after a couple of days of T supplementation (it did the same when I took clomid a year ago). I avoided the crash by increasing the hormones I’m taking by 50% for one day. I’ve been feeling pretty good since. Currently, I’m taking ~200-300 mg of pregnenolone+progesterone, 50 mcg T4, and 15 mcg T3 every day, and I’m feeling very decent. I’ll take a blood test and a saliva test soon.

PS: I’ll keep my progress updated in this post, without derailing the thread

*Note for others: if pregnenolone stopped working for you, the reason is probably that your thyroid could not keep up (i.e. you need to add T3/T4). Instead of complaining and crying because nothing “sticks”, take blood tests and saliva tests at strategic points in time to figure out what the hell is going on. Remember that everybody on this forum is HARD to fix, otherwise we could all take T and that would boost all other hormones. But, as we know, it’s not like that. Also, unlike chilln says, I doubt that many of us can be fixed by simply boosting thyroid and cortisol; it worked for some people (correiovip, robocopp), but not for others (JN, Dury, me). But I think that boosting thyroid and cortisol is a pre-requisite for successfully boosting T, because it can avoid the “crash” that we all get if we try to boost T.

Useless, that was what pregnenolone was for me. It never even did a difference only fatigued me.

  1. How much did you take? I took the advised dose, which I believe was a few pumps
  2. How did you take it? (orally or cream) Cream
  3. How long did you take it? Tried only 1 bottle. About 2 weeks
  4. Did you take it with anything else? (If so, please indicate how much, method and length of usage for the other substances)
  5. Did pregnenolone by itself or with other substances fix your ED?

NO. I felt no change at all. No difference in energy or any other side caused by the poison.

It’s possible I didn’t take it long enough or I didn’t dose high enough. I’m going to refrain from trying this again at a higher dose or pretty much any supplements until there is a good number of men claiming improvement. I have wasted enough money.

Italy’s main recovery came from GHB, pregnenolone wasn’t the major factor.

He told me that pregnenolone may have helped although yeah, he also said GHB really helped.

Where did he post that he had recovered? He does say 80% better viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1286&p=17623#p17623. If so, isnt that 3 out of 3 with success from this? Pointing very strongly to a problem with the nervous sytem?

3 out of 3 recovered/almost recovered with GHB? Let’s throw a rave! :smiley:

Did those 3 persons take GHB on a regular basis (i.e. daily and continuously)? Or did they use GHB as needed or for a short period of time, then stopped, and were ‘cured’?

3pm used and fell off, ithappens used and fell off, paul waters used and then said he recovered via candidia treatment, thats 0 from 3.

Both paulwaters2006 and ithappens recovered from taking a course of GHB:



and italysideeffect says 80% recovered. Or more?

Although their problems where not as severe as many here, lets assume they didnt have candida (please…) and that they did in fact recover using this drug. The only thing preventing an understanding of how/why this works is our own ignorance. But this clearly points to a nervous system problem; I wont post my own theory - ill just provide a link

I can’t get my hands on GHB for the life of me though. I am looking at buying GLB and then converting it, it’s meant to be easy.

A few of us should try to get GLB and convert it, in my opinion, as long as you make sure you don’t get addicted GHB is probably the best spontaneous thing to try out of all the potential treatment methods.