Pregabalin-induced sexual disinhibition

There is a study speaking of “sexual disinhibition” by pregabalin, which would be the opposite of side-effects of most pharmaceuticals to inhibit or degrade sexual function.

I’ve also seen studies of reduced libido with pregabalin or gabapentin, its precursor. Anyway, this is slightly interesting. I have pregabalin as a matter of fact, but I’ve only tried it on and off to treat other symptoms, and I can say if there are pro-sexual effects, they are not immediate, so I would have to take it more frequently to find out. Its immediate effect is rather to dampen sexual function or nerval stimulation.
It is just something to put on a list for consideration.

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The problem is that we always think as if our body reacts mathematically.
Unfortunately, we are victims of a problem that makes our organisms abnormal and they no longer respond logically to substances. What it might do well on a normal person risks being dangerous for many of us.
A lot of people have had severe worsening from vitamins, minerals or supplements. I have seen people fall with Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12, Zinc, I myself have been devastated by 3 weeks of tribulus terrestris and then have had the coup de grace on a very low dose of testosterone gel.

You have to be very careful when thinking about substances because it takes very little to end up in a much worse condition.

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