Pre PFS non related conditions VS Post Crash and disappearance of these. Looking for a clue

Hi guys,

I noticed something very strange regarding some stuff I had before my finasteride crash which completely disappeared once I discontinued the drug.
In May, I would get serious hay fever each year that would go on till June or July. I would use tablets and nasal spray to control the symptoms or eye drops for itchy eyes.
I crashed in June after stopping fin.
Early may, I was on fin, it was getting hot and I had to buy anti histamine drugs for relief…
Weather was shit in early June so no hayfever issue. In the middle of my crash , temperatures were very high and weather sunny and I should have been sneezing like mad and get my typical runny nose. Surprisingly, nothing. As if I had never been allergic. I was on the phone with a fellow French PFS sufferer and he had the same thing… Post fin no more allergies: hayfever, cats… Gone. No colds in the winter.
Another weird thing I was diagnosed and struggling with candida in my genital area and buttocks. Ever since my crash it has COMPLETELY disappeared… No hay fever when I was literally bedridden on a bad sunny day with a runny nose. My hard to treat candida infection gone overnight after the crash…
I heard about people who would never get sick in the winter, who have a kind of super active immune system…
Am I in this profile? Has anyone any clues on why I got "recovered " from hay fever overnight?


I too had eczema on my hand and it vanished after getting PFS. As did any form on nasal symptoms involving congestion associated with the common cold.

I too had allergies (hay fever) completely disappear since PFS. Many people report this as well.

An allergy or allergic reaction is the most common sign of an overactive immune system. So now a person doesn’t have this reaction, it’s not over active any more.

Anyone here felt better on prednisone? or whats the consensus on immune suppressants?

There are a couple of topics out there about this - among others - Have you become more resistant to getting sick (colds, flus) since quitting fin?

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Interesting thread. It might be related to gut pathogens that triggers an immune response. Let’s see what Melcangi would say in October.

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I used to have recurring dandruff issues before the crash.

Now i don’t even see the slightest trace of dandruff on my scalp.

What is he meant to be releasing in October?

Yep big study meant in October.

Same thing it is completely insane…
Hair no longer gets oily.
No more dandruff.
Sweating is erratic if non existent.

Is there any scientific path that can be investigated on this? I have read multiple stuff on the forum about this but very little clues…
Calling up the science guys here…

Study about microbiote of the gut in pfs.

I know that microbiome thing is seen as bizarre by some people but numerous people have seen an improvement of their symptoms through food

I’ve also noticed this, but my severe allergies and eczema went to a very mild level. I also rarely get sick (or maybe rarely show symptoms) compared to when I would get sick month after month pre pfs

The issue as far as a study of the microbiome of PFS patients is multi-fold.

I mean, it’s likely that any changes to the microbiome is a downstream effect from changes in AR expression, etc. Futhermore, if it was awry what could be done anyhow?

Microbiome changes are evidence in depressed patients… this was revealed a while ago, but no meaningful treatment route has resulted.

If our microbiome mimics that of a depressed person it will be a rather meaningless undertaking, and potentially misleading (attributing all our issues to suffering from a depressed state of mind).

It’s like that study which revealed activity of the regions of the brain which deal with sexual arousal did not ‘light up’ in patients with PFS. The researchers concluded that the same lack of region-specific activity presented itself in those suffering from major depressive disorder. The implication is that 2+2=4, namely that we suffer from a form of depression (which often isn’t the case at all).

Furthermore I question how meaningful that MRI study was anyway, because it was accepted prior they PFS patients have a greatly diminished libido. Wouldn’t it imply that the brain region associated with sexual arousal was not being stimulated without even needing further investigation using MRI technology? So again, it revealed little meaningful.

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I can clearly understand your point about jumping into the depression argument…
I think that Melcangi studies have highlighted some essential scientific evidence that PFS is occurring at neurosteroids levels with modification at neurological levels…
Putting PFS on the medical map is our goal for the time being!
Strategies for a cure will be the next fight.

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Ive posted a couple studies already that acne itself could be the result of a overactive immune system. Overactive tlr2 expression. Accutane suppressed tlr2 activation, or downregulated tlr2. They also used the term blockade. A durable response that may or may not be permanent.
How durable? Maybe at least 20 years.

For me, I would look at changes induced by the drug itself. Whats the hierarchy? Bacteria driving hormone expression or hormone expression driving bacteria composition? Ive seen it both ways.
What if I told you certain bacteria could induce PFS? Then how would a person go about treating this?
The science is good, the probiotic market is not a very good one atm. Specific treatment in this regard might not exist atm, but I think this could change pretty fast in 5 to 10 years.


The microbiome is just a path in the process… It is a piece of the puzzle.
Keeping your microbiome clean won’t be a bad thing… The microbiome could also explain how we differ in the reaction to the drug… Just my 2 cents…

Many thanks for your detailed answer.

I guess Frenchfries & Guitarman01 have already answered. It is about to find the root. For the moment we have several hypotheses but no certainety about what comes first egg or chicken.

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My allergies came back as i recovered

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Had pet and seasonal allergie/hayfever pre-PFS. All those went away after the crash.

BUT I did get a TINY little return of them running St John’s Wort.

Incidentally, had a blood Histamine test taken last Friday which just came back, if that’s any good to anyone. Not feeling any hayfever or allergies currently:

Histamine - plasma 6.4 nmol/l (ref 0-9) - only very slightly elevated but well in range.