Pre cum significance

Just like all of my other symptoms, my insane amounts of pre cum reduced to 0 overnight.

Do others also notice that they dont have precum or am I alone in this? I dont see this talked about often.

Another question, For those who did see reduction and then subsequent improvement, what did you do?

I suspect it’s just a function of arousal. Less sexual arousal means less precum.

Mine is gone as well. Precum is made from a small gland in the base of the penis in response to androgens called bulbourethral glands.
Meaby increasing androgens might restore the precum.

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Yes I also think that this is definitely a function of arousal. So when my penis sexual sensitivity has decreased in time, also the pre cum has vanished. And when (rarely) there is a little more sensitivity, there can also be some precum. But nowhere near the amounts that when I was healthty. And when I have some more sensivity, I mean like normal nowadays is 0,2-0,8/10; a little better could be like 1,2/10 compared to healthty.

Cool, you are not broken bro :slight_smile:

Also I noticed when im more horny the eyaculate volume is higher and shoots stronger

are you checked your prostate for inflammation ?

same here