Praying for breakthrough and personal needs

Hi I just started this topic /group were we coulde write our prayer for breakthrough and awarness of PFS. But also if anyone need/want personally prayer help.


Great suggestion @Patrik82. I pray for healing every night. I will also ask for a breakthrough and for awareness. Miracles still happen today. I understand it’s not for everyone but having faith alone can calm the inner demons of this evil disease.


I pray that everybody who been hit by this unbelivible side effects will get the help they need both physically and mentally.

I pray that there will be new studies that supports our cause.

I pray that doctors will get more aware of the risks and speak out about it.

I pray that rightesness and justice will prevale!

In Jesus name Amen


I will pray for the same things tonight @Patrik82


Piove merda in testa. Dio è riparato e spizza divertito dietro la finestra”.

Io non credo, non ho fede e nun ne vojo nessuna

(Valerio Petrocchi AKA Suarez)

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:thinking: Who invented the three basic Covid :mask: rules to protect us:?

1 - Distance :man_standing::arrow_left::arrow_right::man_standing:

2 - Hand hygiene :open_hands: :potable_water::sponge:

3 - Using the mask :mask:

These laws were given to the nation of Israel 3,500 years ago. Did you know?

1 - EXODUS 30: 18-21 - Wash your hands :open_hands::potable_water:

2 - LEVITICUS 13: 4, 5, 46 - If you have symptoms, keep your distance, cover your mouth and avoid contact. :mask::face_with_thermometer:

3 - LEVITICUS 13: 4, 5 - Who is infected must remain in quarantine for 7 to 14 days*

And there are still those who doubt that the Bible is a book of wisdom !!!*

  • When GOD wanted to create fish, he spoke to the sea.
  • When GOD wanted to create trees, he spoke to the earth.
  • But when GOD wanted to create man, he turned to HIMSELF.
  • Thus GOD said: “Let us make man in our image and likeness”.
  • If you catch a fish out of the water, it will die; and when you remove a tree from the ground, it also dies.
  • Similarly, when man disconnects from GOD, he dies.
  • GOD is our natural environment. We were created to live in HIS presence. - We must be connected with Him because only with Him does life exist.
  • Let’s stay in touch with GOD.
  • Let us remember that water without fish is still water, but fish without water are nothing.
  • The soil without the tree is still soil, but the tree without soil is nothing
  • God without man is still God, but man without GOD is nothing.
    @Patrik82 @Rb26dett