Potential treatment of penile numbness that has been overlooked

I just wanted to say that I think a significant potential avenue for treating one of the most life-stopping effects of PFS has been unduly overlooked here.

One of the worst things about PFS is the penile numbness, which is likely to be attributable to disturbance of transient receptor potential ion channels. Here is a study demonstrating successful reversal of this with laser treatment. It would be great if more of us had looked at this and tried it out:


Sadly, the author of that paper has died. I in fact was scheduled to have an appointment with him in summer 2019 when he passed away. After that happened I turned my focus elsewhere. Nonetheless, it remains a very intriguing potential therapy for perhaps the worst aspect of PFS for many. His results ought to be reproducible at any physical therapy center using the settings he shared for laser treatment.


That paper is about pssd

The study case (patient) had PSSD but could have equally been PFS.

Further to this:

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Very interesting. Numbness seems to be a dead end symptom for everyone. I don’t believe some of those that say they recovered from it 100% and think only a partial recovery at this point is possible. Keep us abreast if you find someone else that can experiment with these lasers.

It’s not about encouraging others to do work while we wait individually. It’s about everyone finding any way they can to start moving the needle so the next 15 years are different from the zero results of the last.

It is an interesting study ofcourse…I already read it during my crash and it gave me some hope since the guy in the study did lose his Taste and smell senses and got them back after months…
Sadly, i do find it a little bit disappointing…Given the fact of the 20-40% improvements, with no improvement in the libido or anrgasmisa department, and the known fluctuation nature of PFS/PSSD (I guess we all have these fluctuations, where in one minute you have better sensitivity and another its a pile of cold small sausage :smiley: ) its rather (At least for my understanding) not that convincing that this method would help…
But hey, its non invasive and i dont think its hard to get, so if someone is able to try it, dont hesitate…Compared to the endless unstudied supplements we stuff ourselves with, this is rather throwing a pinch of salt in the ocean

Libido can be faked, anorgasmia and the fact you can’t feel anything in your dick not. I’ve learned to fake libido pretty well, but it’s only ever a matter of time before the rest becomes a problem in relationship. 20-40% may not be a cure but it can make all the difference in the world in sexual performance. Too bad Waldinger died (I think in car accident)and didn’t get to continue.

After spending about 50,000 USD to see Goldstein (including getting the back surgery) with nothing to show for it, I’m off for a while on traveling around and indulging in experimental medical procedures. Even as much as this one should be very inexpensive.

By the way, Waldinger was a VERY highly regarded sexual medicine expert. This should not be viewed as fringe medicine here. The treatment is well established for other types of neuropathy and Waldinger’s name attached to its use in our application alone should be strong credence for its utility in sexual medicine.

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Goldstein offered no real results at all?
Does he even know what’s he’s doing?

No doctor knows what PFS is because we haven’t advocated enough to get earnest research done for us. He seems like a nice guy and maybe some people can benefit from the back surgery but none of it yielded result for me or anyone else that I know of other than this one Kaleb guy who is all over social media doing constant promotion.

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I wouldnt pay a single person claiming he can offer a cure for our condition…Especially doctors…I would rather give my money to charity…Any doctor who makes such claims is nothing but a scammer, since there is literally 000000000 out of 00000000 Understanding of what might cause the usual reversible sexual dysfunction of SSRIs, not speaking at all of PSSD.
PFS is not even recognized as a possibility in the medical community…Any doctor with the least amount of critical and scientific thinking (Which i assume, most must have) wouldnt even dare making any kind of claims to cure something not even in the least understood…
Ofcourse there are many diseases we can make better without even understanding them, or by using medication we have no idea how they work but those are rather very well defined diseases which at least have been researched…In our case, we are still struggling to get some recognition 23 years after this poison is on the market…

I don’t really see us struggling for attention. I see us sitting in Internet forums talking about TTHCWP ad nauseum while doing nothing to get the word out facilitate research.

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Getting the word out is already being done. That’s not going to do it. Money is going to do it. People here need to donate monthly to the foundation as they regularly sponsor research. I donate monthly via PayPal and use Amazon Smile on every purchase. I think the forum could do a better job partnering with the foundation as well.

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I don’t think the word is really out at all. Most people still think Propecia, SSRIs, and Accutane are safe. But I certainly agree that everyone needs to be doing everything they can to start moving things forward, including working together much better than they have. This far, the foundation and admins have done a lot and the community has neither been assistive or thankful.

I am thankful and personally donated $1000 AUD to the foundation. I encourage others to do the same. Without funding we will not move forward in progressing our understanding of this illness. Donate, donate, donate.

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