Potential PFS risk factors (how is this related to the postulated genetically predisposition marker)

Potential pfs risk factors:

  • Length of time on finasteride (but some people get long-term symptoms after one dose)
  • Previous exposure to finasteride, dutasteride, saw palmetto, SSRI/SNRIs or isotretinoin (Accutane)
  • Stopping and restarting finasteride one or more times; irregular dosing or changes in dose
  • Predisposition to, or diagnosis of, depression, bipolar disorder, an anxiety disorder or OCD (this does not mean the syndrome is purely psychological)
  • Characteristics (anecdotally): high libido; sensitive temperament
  • Being younger (e.g., 18-22 vs 30-35)

Depression, Hypersexuality all discussed predisposition factors for PSSD too.


All seems very accurate

I agree with all of these. If only these were known and didn’t have to be discovered after the fact by the patients themselves. But that is what you get with a disease that is not yet recognized by the medical community.

Where did you get this info? I came to the conclusion that a lot of these things are true based on my own experience as well as the experience of others for quite a while now.

I got these from an other forum, with small PFS, PSSD and Minoxidil side effect communities. I don’t tell the name again because everyone talking about hairloss treatment side effects is imidiatly mobbed and agressiv discriminated by a weird crowd of Mercked hairloss fighters. If you discuss there any persisting side effects of Finasterid there are many users wich identify you and fight and discriminate you with so many cynical comments, false studies and PFS is s joke and you are mental ill stories until you are unacceptable and the admin suspends you and they delete your account.

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